Standard fan cooling adapter/duct

Hi all,

First post here (have been a silent observer for a while).

I thought that I would make my first post a useful one.
I have just published my version of a cooling duct/fan adaptor for the Snapmaker 3D printing module on Thingiverse.
See here…
It utilises the standard part cooling fan and redirects the air flow around the nozzle, directly onto the print.
I have been testing and using the part for a while now.
With the part fitted I have noticed improvements in my overhangs and thin walls.

Let me know what you think!

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Hi @PrintShed

Great idea, well done and thanks for sharing.


Part of the cooling problem is that the other fan also forces hot air down’t on the print.
There needs to be a way to block off that flow. That hot air can also get directed into the input of the cooling fan. My version of the cooling shroud tried to block off that hot air.

In case someone looks for it:

Seems to be a very nice design, but my occasional “failed print with the nozzle hitting everything” refrains me to trying it!

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I have remixed the design to make a bigger clearance with the newly printed layer. I also made the shape a little different so it does not hit the printing bed when saving the calibration result. You can find it here.