New 3D printhead - its redesigned!?!

Hi Makers,

today I got my new 3D printhead from China. But I must look twice on it as I unpacked it.
look at the photos, its a new design, and a new hotend, and only one oulet for the modelfan.
Anyone any Information about this?

And its no dualprinthead, I only put the old hotend to show the differnts between them. :rofl:


It has a new intake vent as well on the left of the filament door. It’s in the perfect place to feed the existing (tiny) part cool fan (at least, the original was tiny. Maybe this one is bigger?)

New hotblock also looks tiny

The single side exhaust is a bit of a concern though

I should look to compare my two 3d modules

i dont really see a difference between what you show and mine but i will look closer to see

maybe that vent on the front is newer, i have mine covered up with a fan so im not sure lol

id be interestedt o know if you took the prox sensor out if they changed the air chute becaue the module i have, the chute doesnt reach the fan output with the sensor in the correct position.

that might address the airflow issue.

the hot end surely is a bit narrower and i am very interested to know about this change. i wonder if it is better now. maybe at the very least it would be easier to change out than it currently is.

can you monitor the temp of that nozzle to see if it gets hotter that the old hotend??? that would be great

i bet the lengthened the wires for the thermistor too.

im gona inquire with edwin about it to see if they will share some information about the changes with us. might even be willng to buy one.

I sent this message to edwin:

Received my linear module, thanks
I see on the forum someone received a redesigned 3dp module and redesigned hotend
Can you explain what is different about it? 
I would probably be interested in purchasing one if it addresses some of the oddities of the original style.
Such as – thermistor wires too short, nozzle doesn’t reach temp very well, part cooling does not work very well at all etc.
I noticed that the air chute for cooling the part is attached to the adjustable proximity sensor, and when the sensor is aligned in the correct position, the air chute no longer connects with the fan so there is no air flow.
We have all been adding a blower fan to our 3dp modules because the cooling is not sufficient, which works well enough and is easy to do.
I was going to ask if I can get a replacement cable from the board in the 3dp module with the 4 pin hot-end connector because mine is not fairing well after several swaps, but maybe this would be even better.

Here is his response:

Hi Brian,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Our mechanical engineer has improved the cooling system and extended the wire of thermistor. The newly-designed hot end kit will be put in our online store.

As you said that the additional fan will improve the printing quality, and the method is the same as ours. You have no need to purchase a new one.

Please be noted that you need to power off the machine whenever you need to plug or unplug any cables.

So they are saying that the redesign should address part cooling, and the hotend thermistor wont be falling out anymore.

He recommends not bothering buying a new module if you have done the blower upgrade.

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I am not able to test the my new printhead at the moment, but when I will report here


I received some of the new style hotends.

the wiring certainly feels more reliable and rigid, there is also some (not really heated up) heat shrink tubing on it

As we know, its a little narrower. With the silicone sock on it, its 2 mm thinner than the old one from 13.6 to 11.6. the other 2 dimensions match. This will likely make it easier to remove from the 3dp module. I don’t know what kind of impact it might have on the temperature, perhaps since there is less aluminum it will be a little hotter?

the thermistor wire is securely in the hole (altho i dont see any compound)

but something i noticed that i did not before is the heatbreak itself is also different

it no longer has wrench flats on it. could just be a tolerance thing but the champher to the inlet for the filament looks a little sharper, and it looks like its minor OD is actually smaller too, from 4.25 to 4 mm

comparing it to a brand new older one, i will say that the nozzle looks to be a little nicer. it also seems to be a bit different for another reason, the hole looked a little larger than the other one i had.

I grabbed a .4 nozzle needle and it fit nicely in the new one, and didnt quite fit in the old one. it could be that there is just a burr on the old one that would wear off rather quick, but it is a noticable difference.

on the wrench flat business, i theorize that they were instructed to have the flats parallel with the aluminum body in the factory to make it fit easier in the 3dp module. however, i think this was probably causing them not to be able to tighten it down very much, which is the the nozzle and heatbreak threads were leaking.

i kind of liked the flats, but i can see the value of doing away with them.

So while it may not seem like much I feel like they spent some time thinking about what to do differently and its a good sign to me.

Finally, the new hotend has its own dedicated part number. Coming from the standpoint of being in manufacturing, I feel like that is a positive thing for keeping track of whats what. Sometimes its not worth the hassle to do that and sometimes it is. Inventory control is a skill.

At first, i thought it had a dedicated part number… however, each hotend has its own number on it… so these are actually some kind of serial number for the hotend??? thats crazy talk. surely some apart of it is universal between the two, some part is the old version vs the new version, and then the rest are the individual numbers… which is really nuts to me and rather impressive to be honest! I wonder if ALL their parts have some kind of system on there for knowing what batch its from and stuff or if they learned their lesson from the rails failing. kudos to that though, very awesome. i wish i could accomplish that at our factory lol.

The item description, however, does say for 2.5 instead of the old style being 2.0. :slight_smile:

So @stefix can you share any experiences with the updated cooling system?

Unfortunately not at the moment. I am not able to print at all - doing some work on my SM.

I damaged my printhead and had to buy a replacement, I also received the new design. Initially I was concerned with the part cooling, I sent an M106 but could feel no airflow around the nozzle (but then again, this is my first printer, I don’t know how much airflow there is supposed to be)

I printed an overhang test, it seems ok.

That is the 70 degree overhang

I would say that is an improvement.

Not sure that its as good as the blower mod but it might be good enough

Nice GN mat you have there :wink:

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Which blower mod would that be?

I was just looking at a mod post (I think you were in it as well) but it had several to choose from…including one that looked impossible to print without a fan to me :stuck_out_tongue:

In all reality do any of them work better then the others? Which would you recommend? Nothing says time to mod the hotend like having a redesigned hotend on offer.

I can only get about 30degree overhangs with base hotend (before redesign) so this looks awesome to me!

Honestly, I did brent’s blower mod and then made a new side bracket

after which i was making better parts and remade it with nicer overhangs

then i broke down and did the one piece guy


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I also printed a bridging test, results better than expected!

This is the 100mm test

The bridge is starting to sag and layers not bind, but there was no broken strands.

Unfortunately these results are very configuration dependent, and I didn’t perform this test with my old extruder toolhead

Looks to be much improved over the original design, what speed did you print this at?

I am using prusaslicer, bridges configured to print at 50

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Has anyone with the new printhead design ever dismantled it? I’m curious if they redesigned print cooling so that it no longer recycles the warm air from the hotend heat sink. My old design head, when I set nozzle to 200°C, wait a bit and then do M106, blows lukewarm air onto the print (which made me go for the 5015 mod by brent). I guess if they would use cold air in the new design, the effect would already be considerable, even if they kept the tiny fan.

Not dismantled it, but there is a new vent on the front sitting just infront of the part cooling fan. I imagine it will still draw some air from across the hotend, but I would hope the majority will come through the front vent.

I have not taken mine apart, but i will point out that in addition to the new airflow on the front, there also 6 instead of 7 slots on each side.

Picture from the blog, i guess the airflow on the bottom would make printing abs a bit worse :wink:

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