Snapmaker 2.0 //more to make 15 chars

Any status updates seems as though we are getting very close to November 2019 ship date for early birds??!!! I read the last update but it was slightly vague on details (what are the issues that were found and what is the timeline), can anyone from snapmaker update shipping timelines and such, when can we expect to see the survey to make sure they have proper address?

Much appreciated


I am beginning to wonder, the lack of replies from snapmaker makes me suspicious. @Rainie care to chime in? Again well aware of this being a kickstarter and the fact that money can be lost, just would like to know where its being lost to. Very vague details on the issues they found please do share with the community that supported you!

Can’t blame you there. Official activity on the forums has been basically non-existant for quite a while. I hear Facebook is more active these days, which is a horrible platform to use as a product forum IMO. Best of luck to you. If you find out stuff outside the Kickstarter, would you mind bringing it over here for us forum users?