Store needs ALL components available to buy

I see that the store now has the rotary 3d material supplies as I previously requested. Thanks!
However the store should have ALL the components available to purchase. I recently burned out the electronics on my 3d module and needed a quick replacement - noting in the store but the laser upgrade module and a hotend replacement. Unfortunately not what I need. I have a support ticket open but I would have just liked to go to the store (or Amazon) and buy the module.
Hint, Hint.


Agreed! The current system is rather awkward.

Ok so follow-up
I was contacted by SnapMaker support and given two options:
1 - send parts in for repair (they gave me the software to swap ports and at least I have 2 of my 3 modules working now) but this leaves me with no machine.
2 - buy new parts (they gave a price and I did a PayPal purchase).
So I bought new parts (the frying of the module was entirely my fault and I wasn’t going to pretend otherwise) and when they arrive and check out good I will send the old ones in for repair so I will have spares. Very good service!

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