Spoiler Alert! Ask me about the Air Purifier? Coming on July 23, 2021!

QuickStart https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/snapmaker.com/download/manual/Snapmaker2_Air+Purifier_EN_V1.0.0.pdf

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So to answer my own question with a snippet from the quick start guide posted by @scyto :

From the guide:

If you’re venting outside anyway…
Fair enough, you’re not spraying the dangerous toxic fumes into the air. But then on a bigger scale, I’m not sure what’s best for the environment. Venting outside directly or having that filter being burned in a waste incinerator or being dumped into a landfill after you’ve thrown in out.


Yup that’s why I posted the link :slight_smile:

In my perspective wether you vent inside or outside the net is the same - it will defuse from inside to outside.

I was more hoping a filter would be ok enough to vent inside. Currently for 3D printing I dont vent anywhere, i am trying to decide if a more generic purifier that handles vocs (like mila, that I have elsewhere).


Would love to do this, unfortunately my windows open like a book, so much more a PITA.

@scyto I’m not entirely sure, but from the information I’ve been able to look up so far from official regulations sites, any filtration system that extracts fumes from machining of any kind is usually deemed hazmat. When replacing, put old filter inside of a plastic bag, or even a hazmat bag, locate a nearby hazmat garbage can and throw it in it.

0 < 1, checks out lol.

I’m having an increasingly hard time wrapping my head around this invention.

So did I miss it or where are the additional 10 answers in addition to the “5” prior


One might think they are being a bit evasive

@brent113 a bit? They’ve yet to answer any of the actual serious questions, like how to properly dispose of the used filter.

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i guess they thought they could hit a home run with something with expensive consumables instead of putting out the upgraded linear modules they gotta sell at 50% off to us to make a quick buck but don’t have any real reason for us to actually want it with any kind of facts to back up any claims.

ill throw the filter in the trash.

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I have a Mila. it does a pretty good job with the day to day, and doesnt seem to think much of the 3d printing, but i recon it would complain about the laser a bit more.

i think if i was printing abs it would give me a harder time about it, but fortunately for it the snapmaker isnt very good for abs.


Better stick to Facebook for that I guess


Thats absolutely it. the forum has people who are interested in the engineering and the statistics, facebook is a different market. i bet they answered all the facebook questions that were low hanging fruit and called it a day.

@MooseJuice yeah… Facebook is the troll market. Also, Snapmaker never actually participates in it. Only to make announcements, the reply once or twice and never again lol.

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I just saw this one here in the news and just couldn’t keep myself from sharing it here.

This seems to be primary for laser cutting. Maybe this helps to rate the Snapmaker air purifier better. For me it is quite hard to reason about whether the price for value is good or not.

It’s not hazardous waste in any state, nor at the Federal level. If you’ve got a citation to the contrary, post it.


I though I should let you know that upon inquiry, Snapmaker’s official stance is that the air purifier is not enough to allow you to exhaust indoors.

A snip of some email I had with them about several topics including this one.

That is a bummer for me, I was hoping to be able to do that. I may start looking into some other options. I don’t really want to bore a hole through my wall in my situation. I guess they are thinking this would help keep what is escaping from the enclosure to your workspace clean by increasing the airflow and trapping what it can, but ultimately you still need an outside vent.


wtf is the point of filtering air before venting outside lmfao.

The marketing material says it has a hepa filter in it, some poor support person surely is mistaken.

Also, from the title of this topic July 23 came and went, what was supposed to happen?


Please try to reach out and get someone to state the contrary, I have seen no definitive statements which is why I asked. You’d think that would have been a question they would have answered on here, which was asked by me as the very first comment to the post. Tracy is the one who responded via email.

I guess I misspoke, it was Nicole who said this.

This source seems to disagree with your argument unless you are saying that in general, particulate matter produced through laser engraving/cutting is categorized as hazardous waste. I would be surprised if this was the case, especially due to the known limitations of the laser module in terms of material compatibility.


It’s available in the store?
and 199EUR for two filters :scream: :astonished:

Apparently the filters aren’t available in the US store, but based on other prices it will be 199USD as well. I hope they last very long…