Spoiler Alert! Ask me about the Air Purifier? Coming on July 23, 2021!

Hi all,

Mark the date! We are going to release the Air Purifier on July 23, 2021.

Please leave your questions or feedback here, we will pick 5 of them to answer before July 18, and another 10 between July 19- 22.

More details unfold in the upcoming weeks, take a deep breath and stay tuned!


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I do have interest in this, providing that it is suitable for use in my situation.

Is this air purifier system designed to be a substitute for exhausting outdoors in any or all circumstances (at least in regards to actual machine usage)?

Is the replacement filter media a proprietary design or made of locally available commodities? If proprietary, what do the various stages cost and what kind of turn around time can we expect between purchase and delivery in the United States (will they be stocked here or shipped from Shenzhen)?

Will you have sufficient inventory to fulfil any significant quantity of orders on the release date or is this a situation where it will take several months to arrive?

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I’ll be straight forward.

—Price of replacement filters?
—What is the smallest particles it can filter?
—Practicality of use with Laser?


Does it blow?
Or does it suck?



@sdj544 this is gold! :rofl:

Is the snapmaker enclosure mandatory or can the air purifier be used in standalone mode (i.e. with custom enclosure)?

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Use cases for Air Purifier?

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Does the kit include better gaskets for the doors to stop stuff coming out of the cracks?

Does the fan now speed up and down based on heat / vocs / particulate matter?

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You can’t completely seal it, you have to have intake from somewhere, and just a single intake could cause a draft effect in the enclosure.

sure but one could ensure it doesn’t leak and the top and side and air intake is around the bottom :slight_smile: my suspicion is the designed the enclosure originally with that darn fast and loud fan to create as much negative pressure inside.

officially the best comedy questions :slight_smile:

What will be the noise level of purifier?


@Kalmiany if it’s louder than the Snapmaker itself… people are going to start running for the hills thinking it’s going to blow and rename it Snapmaker-3-2-1-BOOM.

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What is the size and intended location of the Air Purifier?
What is the cost of the Air Purifier?

I found out the price. $449, that is absolutely ridiculous. Filters are $70 and need replacing every other week. What the crap are you thinking Snapmaker?


This was what arrived in my mailbox

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@brvdboss y’know I should check my email first. I found out the details on accident, just saw it in my email :sweat_smile:

So i read the blog, one serious question and one sarcastic comment :slight_smile: .

  1. Is this just a general room air purifier or does the hose from the enclosure connect to the air purifier - the pictures in the blog imply no connection. If no connection I think I will stick with my Mila air purifier. Hoping this does have a direct connection?

  2. wow vin diesel testified this works, that’s awesome!

A tailor-made filter cartridge for your Snapmaker 2.0, with five layers of different filters consolidated into one, is designed to absorb what‘s emitted during laser engraving or 3D printing process, testified by xxx.


Step 1) Create a problem

(From the above link)

Step 2) Offer a solution

I now expect the filters will be listed and supplied with 3rd party testing validating the claim that all of the listed contaminants are removed from the air to acceptable levels.

My allergy filter was supplied with that information, including guaranteed minimum flow rates at all power levels, as well as particle type and removal rates, for approximately the same price (more dollars if you include the active chemical filters to remove some of the above listed contaminants).