Upgraded rotary module?

I’m just curious if there is going to be an upgraded rotary module anytime soon? I just don’t want to fall into the same situation I’m in now where I bought the snap maker 2.0 and Just one month after buying it find out I will be needing to upgrade to 2.5 for I’m guessing between $600-900 depending on how kind snapmaker is on the rumored 50% discount for those upgrading.
Thanks, Christian

The rotary module just came out. Like so new that it’s still on pre-order and hasn’t even been delivered to all the first batch orders.
So while there probably will be improvements along the line (as with any new product) a completely new version wouldn’t be coming out for a couple years.
They have plenty of other things they’re working on and planning that would take precedence.
Now the one thing that might make you want to pause is to see whether they run into problems that crop up as more people get their hands on them and actually use them under real world conditions. (as was the case with some of the linear rails and the bed frame and the 3d printing head).
The other thing is waiting for improvements to Luban since the software is still very primitive.


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As @sdj544 has commented, the Rotary Module is still in the pre-order campaign, and we do not have a plan to upgrade it in the near future.

Air Purifier, Dual-extruder module and other new machine will be the priority of 2021.


thanks! ummm, ok total newbie here… what will the air purifier do exactly? is it for the box for the printer we ordered to keep dust contained n noise reduced or to remove water from filament? Also any idea when we can preorder the dual extruder module?

I would expect that the air purifier would be to remove fumes/odors from the laser engraving process and/or act as a duct collector for cnc. I would guess that it would work best inside an enclosure, but could work without one.

As for the dual extruder module, and the other new modules such as 7W laser and the air purifier, as far as I am aware they are still in the development stages. As such, it is way too early to have an accurate estimation of when they might be available as it can change based on prototyping, sourcing, and production issues. Though I would expect for them to be available sometime in the last third of this year, or the beginning of next based off the vague “sometime in 2021” estimates the snapmaker team has provided thus far.

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Thanks for getting back to me. Appreciate it