Spoiler Alert! Ask me about the Air Purifier? Coming on July 23, 2021!

3 months, with very light use apparently. With continued use i doubt it would last a month. I thought they previously announced $75 for 1, but i could be misremembering. Very steep at $100 each, even for HEPA… SnapApple.

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@Melitta_Snapmaker can you please comment… Received an email from email support saying that you need to vent outdoors with the air purifier, but it feels like it may not be accurate considering the complexity of the filtration system as well as the cost. We are questioning the accuracy of the statement, or why one would want one in the first place - Does the purifier in fact need outdoor ventilation or is this a misunderstanding?


Because the laser function supports a variety of materials, and the composition of particles or gases produced by different materials in engraving or cutting are very complex. For the safety of users, we suggest that the gas filtered by the air purifier should be discharged outdoors.

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Yes, those are the reasons you are selling a purifier, right? A user exchanges money for the purpose of being protected from those harmful byproducts?

Without that protection this so called “air purifier” is really identical to the enclosure fan.

@W_Jing, please respond to the points raised by @JonnieCache, as this is extremely serious. I’m not sure what SnapMaker’s marketing angle is on this purifier, but it’s not very persuasive right now. It appears to be 1) there are seriously harmful dust and vapor byproducts and 2) the purifier doesn’t do anything about them that the enclosure fan doesn’t already do when vented outside.


If there is still gas needing to be vented outdoors AFTER being “filtered” then this isn’t an air purifier, not even close. Just a $500 trash can. I know there’s stuff that can’t be filtered out from an activated carbon filter, but the huge gaps in the enclosure are already allowing us to be exposed to them anyway. It’s not a sealed static pressure enclosure, so by saying the air filter is exposing us to more gases if not exhausted outside is no better than the gaps in the enclosure that let stuff through to begin with…

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To me, they have given a more definitive answer at: Open Letter to Snapmaker re: Air Purifier - #15 by SnapmakerSupport.

I understand that filtering the air effectively is a difficult problem to solve. But, if the end result means that the exhaust must still be vented outdoors, that kills all appeal for me.

I have decided to cancel my order for the filter.

Nope it is not. A fan will exhaust unfiltered air and an air filter will exhaust filtered air. There is a huge difference. Sure, not to you on the inside, but to the environment/people outside it will make a huge difference.

99% of air filters for laser cutters vent to the outside!

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I see from your several posts so far that you come from a large industrial laser cutter background.

The applications are different. No one would reasonably be expected to operate a multiple kilowatt fiber laser with a ventilation system indoors without exhausting outside.

The primary expectation in this market segment is indoor operation in a family room. The products being created for small CO2 and diode lasers attempt to solve that so that outdoor ventilation is not required.

No, not quite. We have a medium sized Trotec laser cutter here at the office. It is a 150W model that can cut to around 120 x 60cm. Before that we had a laser cutter of the same size from china with a 120W CO2 laser.

No I get that this is much more of a consumer product and therefore needs to be usable by everyone and probably not neccessarily in a dedicated workshop/garage.

I would argue that maybe Snapmaker and others are actually making these things SEEM like they are basically like a normal printer and you just pop it on your desk, which I think is not right. These are (small) production machines. I mean even the vent above a cooker vents to the outside and that is mainly water vapour and some burning fat.

A laser cutter litereally vapourizes materials like MDF and acrylic and out of experience the smell of it is pretty horrid and leaves a sticky residue on everything after some time.

So in the end I think its a bit dangerous to assume these are household appliances and not small production machines that require setup in a proper location.

Anyways, back to the subject of how to treat air so that its a bit more safe when using indoors. I can really recommend getting an air washer by Venta (in addition to any other filtering method). They are very simple mechanically, super effective and don’t need any filters. All Products in Airwasher Humidifiers - Venta USA “Washing” the air with water is also what they do in the spray rooms where they spray paint cars.

Not all cooker vents do. Mine doesn’t.

These look to also be humidifiers. I already have a problem keeping humidity under control and run a de-humidifier 24 hours a day.

It’s been a while, so why not revive this thread. Snapmaker got a lot of not so positive feedback on this one. today xtool released a video about their air purifier for laser: xTool Smoke Purifier-How xTool smoke purifier works? - YouTube. My first impression, purely based on the video:

  • The xtool doesn’t look good.
  • Construction: basically a sheet metal box, filtration, nobody knows as they don’t give any specs. In the video they show the comparison measuring the air with and without filter, but they just cut the video as the values keep increasing and they don’t provide any real specs
  • They price it at $999 (which is twice as expensive as the SM
  • The filter is slightly cheaper ($160 vs $199) but doesn’t look to offer the same level of filtration

compared to that one, I think the Snapmaker solution actually looks pretty good.

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I ordered the air purifier for 400€ and got it yesterday. It seems solid and the body is fullmetal except the hose connectors.
I have found a little manufacturing issue, you can touch the ventilator by childhand…
The protection honeycomb is at the false hole assembled.

Which model is this?
I recently bought the Honeywell AirGenius 5 since Kohl’s had a really good deal on it and I discovered my AirGenius 4 Compact was undersized for my bedroom. I understand that air purifiers aren’t guaranteed to filter out viruses from the air (Honeywell even made a disclaimer even on their true HEPA models with the disposable filters), but I still find out the tips and read different reviews here bcz want to keep my room air clean.

Maybe you’re looking for the product page link?