Encloser + Air Purifier issue

Since the enclosure does not have any air-input, the performance of the Air Purifier is far from optimal.
The enclosure should provide some air input somewhere around the door or so.
The way, an air-flow could exist between the air-input and the opposite air-output connected to the Air Purifier.

Did someone already try some solutions for that ?

The extraction on the Atrisan with the PC fan is a bad joke anyway. I replaced the PC fan with a pipe fan and connected a long hose so that I can blow it out the window. I installed a grille in the door so that air can circulate at all

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That looks pretty cool… where did you buy the grille?
How did you cut the door ?

All the parts are from Amazon:
The Grill: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B09NBRJ5G2?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1
The Vent: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B097DSJS1W?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1
100 to 75mm: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0C7TVCHRR?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
The hose: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B09234GB92?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1

Mounting the grill: Simple drill 4 holes as the 4 corners into the door, then use a jigsaw to cut out the rectangle. But be careful, the door material is very brittle, so use a step drill for the holes and a fine saw blade. I used a double-sided adhesive tape to fix the grill to the door

Thx a lot for the detailed list… danke sehr für die ausführliche Liste :wink:
I was hesitating between cutting the door or cutting my “desk”. I could made a similar opening… The only drawback, the printer (and the enclosure) has to stay “exactly” at the same place on my desk. But this way, I keep the door untouched (who knows, I don’t want to break the Warranty ! )