Specific firmware update via serial port or wireless possible?

A frayed wire in my 3dp module fried the data pin or something similar on my SM2.0 usb port. I can power devices through usb port on the machine but it refuses to recognize any flashdrive.

I need to download an older version of firmware onto my snapmaker, but immediately not sure how to do that as I’ve only downgraded via usb before. Is there a way of doing this, or am I out of luck until I get a new controller/touchscreen? Any solution that takes advantage of the serial connection or wi-fi would work fantastic! Thanks for your time guys!

I have a similar issue where the USB port is not responding. Did you have any success with finding a solution?

The temporary solution was to use Cura to worelessly send 3d print files to the machine using an older version of Cura with a working Wireless Snapmaker plugin. I used (Macdylan’s?) Wireless snapmaker file transfer to upload both .nc files for laser engraving, and .bin files to revert my firmware to versions I needed.

The eventual solution was to replace the controller for my machine, as I believe a frayed wire in my single extruder head permanently damaged my data pin on the usb port of the controller. Snapmaker support had told me my touchscreen was damaged, which ended up not being the case. Might be lther situations where touchscreen issues can cause usb to not work, but that was not so in my specific case.

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Ooooh - that sounds work a look. If I can get the firmware updated to the point where wifi-updates were enabled (I’m still on an earlier version) then problem solved. Getting the .bin to the machine is the biggest challenge w/o USB at the moment.