USB port stopped working

A350 in use since December. I’ve always used USB sticks to take jobs to the machine and never had a problem. Probably done it 100 times. Suddenly a few days ago, the machine stopped recognizing ANY USB stick. Literally ran a job, 10 minutes later tried to run another job, and the stick wasn’t recognized.

The Files app on the touchscreen has USB greyed out when a working FAT32 stick that previously worked is inserted.

Tried both USB sticks I regularly used (FAT32), tried the stick included with the SM. Tried a different USB stick. Followed the FAQ article to reformat a stick to ensure it was FAT32, still didn’t work.

Checked for firmware updates, and updated (was previously running the first version that added support for the rotary module). No luck.

Powered down the machine and let it sit a few days, no luck after powering back up.

I can send jobs over WIFI, so the machine is still usable, but I’m concerned about the loss of the only USB port on the machine. If the port is dead, removes the ability to use USB sticks, update firmware via USB, or direct connect to a computer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! Just submitted a support request. Was hoping there was an easy common fix…we’ll see what support says!

i have the same problem since yesterday powered the machine down and left overnight it made no difference .
In my case I cannot use it as the machine is located outside of wifi so interested in any updates you might have