Spare parts and broken parts

Some broken parts can be disassembled and used to fix other parts. The idea is to create a market for these.
In my case I broke the usb type-c connector of the touch screen. :sob::sob::sob:
Maybe someone broke the screen, but the usb jack is OK and can be used to fix my screen.

Could you share an image of the touchscreen connector and see if we ca offer some help.


Or… get Snapmaker to replace it. Also if you have the knowledge and skill, it’s not that difficult to fix.

Thank you for your answer.
I reached out to support staff and they explained that the PCB in the connector was designed and customized for the snapmaker, so it’s not a part you would find in the market. They kindly offered a replacement at a discount, so I just purchased a new one.
But still I see my screen in front of me with its glaring glass saying “fix me, don’t throw me!”. Surely it will be of some use for me or someone else with a unharmed connector!

I peeled off the connector to expose the damage, but it didn’t take me too far.

I am sorry for the problem you ran into. It seems that the brass wires are broken. After consulting our engineer, users are not able to repair it without the specialized tools.

Contact and buy a new one for the replacement.

@Edwin is it really a specialized usb-c connector? That wouldn’t make sense.

I thought the same, but in support they confirmed this was the case. Twice.

In here they show that for some reason they added an additional serial comms channel through the USB cable. I guess that necessitates the custom cable.

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For sure, that´s the explanation. That’s why I guess that replacing the connector at “cable level” instead of the connector itself could be a good way to get a working screen out of two wreked ones.
I just have to find the right match…
Provided that I already purchased a replacement screen, I offer mine to anyone having the problem in the other end.

This type-c is customized, and it is longer than the ordinary one. But if @Bleaplaza can switch the touchscreen cable, we can offer the wire.


Ooo Quectel. It’s been a while since I seen one of them close up.

My problem is the connector, not the cable. In my post I meant that if someone could provide a few centimeters of cable including the usb connector end, I could solder it wire by wire.

Hi @Bleaplaza ,

I will PM you later on how to fix the touchscreen.


Google “USB C breakout”
If you can solder you just need the wire color to pin list.


Forget USB C breakout. Silly me I thought it was a USB C connector. Looks like it’s only about 6 pins.

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It’s been confirmed to be specific for Snapmaker and has a specialized pcb chip that can’t be gotten from a supplier like mouser. Unfortunate.

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Thanks to @Artezio @roybh Thank you for your help.

I have talked with @Bleaplaza and will send him some replacements to help him out.


Yes, Edwin has been extremely helpful in advising on how to repair the unit. Once I get the parts I can post some pictures of my repaired screen.

The tracking number has sent to you, please check it on FedEx page.