Broken touchscreen cord - help!

The touchscreen fell of the magnet stand, hanging on its cord. Now some wires are broken. How to repair? How can I open the touchscreen to solder the wires?

You could try asking for a new one under warranty. I didn’t have any luck in doing so, but it was my other end that bent so badly, due to the enclosure being so close to it, it broke. Unfortunately that wasn’t covered and I ended up ~$400 CDN out of pocket for a new one, shipping and DHL charges. Too bad a regular old USB C cord isn’t used :frowning:

Does the touchscreen work now? Or do you have any problem with it?

Looking forward to your reply.


I opened the box with a suction cup after heating it with a heat gun, similar as opening a mobile phone.

Bad cable feedtrough. After tinkering and soldering it works again.

Glad to know that it works again.

You can use electrical tape to wrap the cord up.