[Solved] When will enclosures ship?

Hi Again,

I’ve been a good boy. I have waited, but I haven’t heard a peep about this. We were told in update #24 that the enclosures would be shipping early in April… but it is now very nearly April 14th.

I do not see anything on the Comments page, nothing on the Updates page and nothing in the forum. I don’t see anything on my backer kit link either, and I certainly haven’t received an email about this.

When will we be getting out enclosures? My card was charged back in December.


I think I saw one that was shipped on Facebook. (Edit: I did see one, they had pictures of it so they definitely are shipping them)

Thanks @Tone… but that doesn’t really help me. Facebook is hardly an authoritative source and Snapmaker should have emailed something out by now, updated my backer page or posted something on the kickstarter the Updates page. We are well past early April. I don’t know the status of my order: if everything is on beam, or if there is a problem. Shipping late is one thing, keeping people in the dark is another thing entirely.

Have these shipped? Will they all ship at once, or piecemeal? If the latter, what is the schedule for shipment. When can we expect to receive them? How will we be notified when these go out? How do we verify that there is no problem with the order or shipment?

It is in their best interest to publish this information, so they are not pummelled with individual requests of “Where’s my stuff?” After the problems experienced in shipping the actual units, one would think they would want to stay ahead of this one.

Don’t make the same mistake @Snapmker… Talk to us!


Looks like they have posted something on the comments page at Kickstarter… no details, but they promise tomorrow.

Got my answer. Not what I was hoping for… but I guess I’ll be getting it in 5 weeks…

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Hi all !

I did order the enclosure through backerkit survey but I’m still waiting delivery :frowning :frowning:
my backer number is 4,291


when ?

They posted on Facebook a couple of days ago that the remainder of the enclosures have gone to the overseas shipping company. You should get a tracking number soon, but I think they come by boat, so don’t expect a quick arrival.