Enclosure for Pre-orders

When will those of us who are waiting for a pre-ordered Snapmaker be able to order an enclosure? It would be nice if we could order one now so that it would arrive at roughly the same time.


This is something I would like to know as well.

Add me to the list of the waiting and wondering ?

Add me to the list to. I contacted snapmaker and they told me it would be available one month before my pre order ships. Well my preorder is supposed to ship in July and I still have not been contacted about purchasing an enclosure!

My A350 is due to ship in July. I just completed my BackerKit survey where I was able.to purchase add-ons like the enclosure. I think update #19 or 20 talk about enclosure shipping. But I know they said they are catching up.

Hi all, for pre-orders, the enclosure will be shipped along with the machine.

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This doesn’t answer my original question. I pre-ordered a Snapmaker A350 last September. Update says delivery in August. Will I get an email sometime in July letting me know that I can order an enclosure to be delivered at same time as my Snapmaker?

I just received an email from backerkit, the folks that evidently are doing the distribution, and it included the enclosure option as an add on. To my knowledge I’m supposed to get mine shipped in September.

Current shipping schedule for pre-Order

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Is the procedure the same for pre-orders that are done now that Kickstarter is not in the picture any more? That is, will backerkit surveys be sent out to new pre-orders as well?

Nevermind, found it on the site after all!

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Hey guys,
I didn’t get any survey yet, although my preordered Maschine is estimated for shipping in September too (referred to the latest shedule linked above). That would be next month… I’m starting to feel like beeing forgotten.

In addition, reliable information from you snapmaker guys regarding the fullfilment of the preorders is rare. It would be nice, if you could change the last point.

Thanks in advance, stay safe