Bed Calibration and Leveling

Hey guys I need some help. I had to take apart my printer in order to reattach the bed because some screws came out and it wouldn’t hold still for the print. I got it all put back together but now I have a new issue, the bed calibration and leveling. When it auto calibrates I have both of z-axis towers shifting at different times instead of together. It’s almost like a jerky motion. One of the towers will shift up or down then other tower will do it soon after instead of together. I believe that because of this it is is causing the filament to print on some areas of the bed but not in other areas due to the nozzle being too close to the bed. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I can try to upload a video if that would help.

Sounds like you either plugged something in wrong when you put it back together - double and triple check your wiring. Especially to and from the splitters.
Or there’s a problem with one of your linear modules.
You probably can’t upload a video as a new user. Use another hosting site if you can’t.

I will double check the wiring then. I’m pretty sure that is not the issue as when I put it back together the first I rewired it wrong but I will defiantly double check and get back to you. Thank you for the help so far!

You were 100% correct. One of the connecting cables were not pushed in all the way. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.