Newbie help - can't get anything to print (likely leveling?)

I’m an utter newbie, but I’ve been surprised that I can’t even get a test PLA of any kind to finish. First auto-level pushed down very hard on the bed, which was scary. I’ve gone through the guides, checked the firmware was updated (and check every day). Same model tries to print in different locations. Once it got a bit of the way, but then just started printing nothing in the air.

In seeing so many problems with leveling and adhesion, I’m wondering if I should frankly wait a few months for better firmware and move on to another hobby? Many of my friends don’t have issues with other manufacturers, and I loved the idea of the Snapmaker, but a simple PLA should not be this hard. I’m not sure the A350 with the current firmware is ready for prime time. I really just wanted to do some fun things with the kids.

I’d understand issues with super-complex prints, but something is really wrong here. Any guidance for a newbie? It’s certainly possible I am being utterly stupid, but I’ve spent 90 minutes going through the forums.

Thank you.

First off your machine is incorrectly assembled.
The y-rails are hanging off the front of the bed.
They should be centered and fit in the little notches.
Fix that first and then double check that all your cables are properly routed and plugged into the correct ports.
Double check that the head is mounted in the correct holes.
Then run your calibration.
If you can share some more photos of your machine, (especially from front at bed height) we can double-check the rest of the assembly.

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Thank you. I’ll work on that and re-post. Appreciate the help for the newbie!

Re-assembled more carefully! Fixed my stupid mistake. Did alignment. Still having adhesion and I think leveling issues. Any feedback on the pics or ideas on what to do short of waiting for magic firmware fairy?


Looks right as far as I can tell.

Could you upload a picture of the first layer of a print after reassembling? That can help diagnose leveling and z offset issues.