Snapmaker scammed me for 3000 EUR on my preorder

One month ago, I pre-ordered the Snapmaker Artisan from the Snapmaker store. The company happily withdrew the whole order amount of about 3000 EUR from my credit card right away.

Since I need a receipt for every transaction on my business bank account to do my taxes properly it did not take long for me to realize that I did not receive any receipt whatsoever. In fact I didn’t even receive an order confirmation or got an order number with wich I could view my order.

Bugs and errors happen. With 4-digit invoice amounts they better not happen but I know they do anyway. So I wrote an e-mail to the support explaining my problem and asking for an order number.

That was a full week ago and I haven’t received any response whatsoever, not even an automatic e-mail.

Snapmaker, you have to understand that this kind of unresponsiveness is making you look beyond shady. You swiftly took my money - and not a small amount of it - so I can expect that you get the preorder process right.

Don’t get my complaint wrong: I want this device. I need it to grow my business. But I cannot afford to lose 3k on an order that is not fulfilled.

I’ll be waiting about one more week for a response, then I’ll have to call my bank to mark the transaction as fraudulent if I want any chance of getting at least my money back.

Kind regards.

FWIW, Snapmaker doesn’t appear to watch the forums. I stopped using facebook, but I’m told that the admins are more active there.

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You can @ a member of staff such as @Melitta_Snapmaker to hopefully get a response.

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