Snapmaker EU store: totally disappointed!

Hi guys,
I’ve received a 20euro coupon for the EU store so I’ve bought some materials for my A150 for the total amount of 21.96euro including shipping costs.
The parcel has been shipped but I had to pay 23.88euro to DHL Express as Duty/tax!
Unbelievable! :frowning:

The EU shop should be processed and shipped from EU so no duty or tax should be added for the shipment inside EU.
The shipment starts from HK and in the EU web page there is no mention about the additional tax.

As I wrote to @Snapmaker-Edwin I’m totally disappointed and hope they refund me the payed tax and also update their EU website including all the info.

Can’t believe why a great company as Snapmaker do such a bad thinks. :frowning:

Me too, I orderd printsheets for A350, for a cuple of weeks ago , and today i got a bill from TNT that i have to pay taxes ??? What to Hell is going on ???

Me too - I ordered for about 30 Euro - according to the shop everything is in stock.
Delivery time about 3 days - Tax included. (delivery to Germany)

Delivery time more than 8 week - from China - I had big problems with customs and FedEx.
Some Email and phone calls later I received the things ----

have to pay mor than 12,- Euro for customs and processing.

I will never order at SnapMalker !

It is unfortunate that customs and processing fees are a problem. The materials do come from china, which have that unfortunate side effect as well as delays in delivery.

I think as time goes on, they will have a better network for parts, but right now everything is still rolling off of the production line to fulfill orders and as such they don’t have them readily available otherwise.

There is another web page that sells the snapmaker 2 hotend assembly and print sheets.

Snapmaker Spare Parts (

The hotends cost a lot more, but the print sheets are less.

They may or may not have a better distribution network to cut down on those fees.

@Snapmaker-Edwin forward my case to Jasmine and they promised me a refund in 5-10days but… still waiting for my refund!

Unbelievable bad behaviour!!!
I am really pissed off with this company! Can’t understand why they can produce such a great machine but can’t manage well the order and the customer.
This behavior backfires’

The print sheets are also more expensive after you chose the size!

That makes sense I guess, i was confused why it would be less.

They are a third party seller it would cost more or at least about the same if they have a good distribution relationship.