Help finding my order confirmation e-mail


My credit card has already been charged on May 11th 2020.
I’m looking forward to September but I can’t find a confirmation e-mail for my order.
What’s the subject or “from” e-mail address?

I hope I don’t have to call my bank and cancel the credit card payment. Is it normal not to get a confirmation e-mail? I checked junk mail and nothing there. However the forum confirmation and the software download confirmation worked well, so I’m hoping I just missed the confirmation e-mail and that someone here can help me find it.

Thanks from Houston, TX

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Hey, you could see your order on the snapmaker store site, i guess.

You could also get in touch with the support,
You have to tell them where you have bought your machine (Kickstarter, Snapmaker Store,…)

Hope this helps!
Greets from Austria

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Hi @houston ( cc @hyeii )

Welcome to the community . I have just cc’d this message to Phoebe Lee at Snapmaker and hopefully she will get back to you soon.

I see that @xchrisd has already provided you with the support email address.

I am a Snapmaker user from Australia. and we have a good time here on the community forum and share a lot of ideas and information

Have fun



Many thanks for the reply. I was able to find my order number.

I’ll work with support to restore my account login, for some reason when I try to restore my password it doesn’t find an account with my e-mail address.

I look forward to working with the community on all the fun stuff that we are all planning to make.


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Hi @houston ,

This is Kai here from Snapmaker. You should get a confirmation email at the time of purchase. Could you PM me your order number? I will help check your order status and am looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

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