Order canceled (Closed)

I ordered my Snapmaker 2.0, spent nearly $1500 total. They closed my order without shipping it and kept my money. They totally ripped me off!

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Did they start cancelling orders themselves?

Did they at least inform you about closing your order?

I received an email yesterday telling me my order was closed. My online account was closed as well. They just turn me off completely.

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Apparently so. No shipment of the machine or the extras I ordered. No refund. Nothing! Just an email saying they were closing my order.

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My new hobby has changed. I will now spend my time on every available social media warning people that Snapmaker may steal your money. Not the hobby I wanted but, still a hobby.

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I do not like SM as a company anymore but I do not belive they are outright thieves… I’m sure this is some kind of organizational failure on their part not a deliberate act. They probably thought that they shipped your order or maybe they have shipped it (there tracking is slow) or maybe somebody closed the wong order by accident. Not telling you that you shouldn’t speak the truth about the SM company. But I am confident that if you nag them enough, they will either refund you or send you your unit (i would personally recommend the former).
Sorry for your luck

I agree with Atom.
The support system is a mess and issues have been slow to remedy and tickets have gotten closed prematurely. But you would be the first I’ve heard that didn’t get their issue resolved eventually.
Doesn’t mean it’s not maddening and frustrating.

Let’s make something clear. I paid my money in good faith. Waited over a year patiently. Recieved an email closing my account. No product Recieved, no refund. I’m not at fault. I see it as my duty to warn others so they don’t get ripped off. If Snapmaker wants to fix this issue they can. I emailed them, no response yet. They should get on the ball and fix this. It’s not on me. I did my part. Go ahead Snapmaker do yours.

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This might bring your case into the attention of the staff members

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Let’s add a few staff members by name too.

@JKC20, @Edwin, @Rainie


Thanks but, it’s Tuesday morning there now. No response yet fromSnapmaker. Appreciate your help but, Snapmaker doesn’t seem to care. On with my new hobby of letting people know that Snapmaker may steal their money too.

A whole week gone bye bye-bye with no response to multiple emails. $1500 order closed with no communication. Snapmaker is definitely ripping people off. I’m seeing others reporting the same thing. Time to face the truth that Snapmaker is ripping off Their Customers.

never said they weren’t ripping people off, in my mind they are on the same level as the “As Seen On TV” stuff… i just said that i had not heard of anyone not receiving what they paid for, eventually.