Snapmaker Ray Firmware Updates and Downloads

We will release the latest Snapmaker Ray firmware updates and downloads under this topic. Your feedback is very much appreciated. You can report any bugs or make any suggestions in the discussion thread.

Snapmaker Ray Firmware Version List

Latest Version: Snapmaker Ray V1.7.4

History Version 5 (June 18, 2024): V1.7.2

History Version 4 (Jan. 26, 2024): V1.6.8

History Version 3 (Dec. 7, 2023): V1.6.5

History Version 2 (Qct. 31, 2023): V1.6.0

History Version 1 (Sep. 19, 2023): V1.5.6

How to Update Firmware

Oct 31 2023: Snapmaker Ray V1.6.0


  • Support new module: Emergency stop module.

  • Optimize the information prompted by the indicator light:

    • When the controller is in idle state, the red LED will blink when opening the door.

    • When the controller is receiving a file, the yellow LED will blink.

  • Optimize the processing flow of exceptions:

    • If SD card is not detected or the specified file cannot be opened, the user will be prompted by buzzer and indicator.

    • When the controller recovers from the abnormal state, it will reset the system coordinates so that the toolhead will work from user’s expected position.

    • Flame sensor triggering was modified from stopping operations to suspending operations.

  • Optimize the button handling logic, now the button is only responsible for startup work:

    • Short press: try to start running boundary.

    • Long press: try to start the file uploaded by user.


Snapmaker Ray V1.6.0

Dec 7 2023: Snapmaker Ray V1.6.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that toolhead doesn’t go back to the starting point when pause print after an exception triggered.

  • Fixed a bug that Luban may fail to export logs if SD is not remounted when exporting logs.

  • Fixed a bug that laser may not be turned on when resuming work from an exception.

  • Fixed a bug that air purifier will go offline when exporting logs.

  • Fixed a bug that movement may not stop when pausing by an exception.


  • Improved error indication that buzzer beeps twice when Luban workflow request fails.


Snapmaker Ray V1.6.5

Jan 26 2024: Snapmaker Ray V1.6.8

Bug Fixes

  • Occasional machine unresponsiveness when long-pressing a button to stop printing.

  • Return the current print line number as 0 in some cases.

  • Linear module collision due to incorrect starting coordinate position when working immediately after returning home.

  • Failure to initialise a module will result in a cycle of upgrading the module.


  • Hold the set air purifier fan gear at the start of operation.

  • Switch off the laser fan when the flame sensor is triggered.

  • Switch off the air assist when work is suspended.

  • Optimizing log management.


Snapmaker Ray V1.6.8

June 18 2024: Snapmaker Ray V1.7.2


  • Support 2W Infrared Laser Module.

    • Require Luban Version 4.13.0 or above.
  • Support A-B Position.

    • Require Luban Version 4.13.0 or above.

    • Usage example: After connecting Luban with Ray via serial port or WIFI, you can access the A-B Position on Home → Laser → 3-axes → A-B Position.

  • Support manual mode and control mode.

    • Require Luban Version 4.13.0 or above.

    • Usage example: Once Luban is connected to Ray via serial port or WIFI, you can directly use the related functions of Luban.


  • When an exception occurs, disable all motors even in control mode.

    • For example, in control mode, if laser printing is aborted by long-pressing the button, all motors of Ray’s axes will be disabled, and the system will enter manual mode.
  • Disabling door detection will clear any associated exceptions.


Snapmaker Ray V1.7.2

July 18 2024: Snapmaker Ray V1.7.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that Ray sometimes failed to identify the purifier.

    • For the old-version firmwares, when various modules such as purifier, emergency stop button, and rotary module were connected simultaneously, there was a probability that Ray would fail to identify the purifier.
  • Fixed a bug that 2W Infrared Laser Module would automatically emit upon initialization.


  • When 2W Infrared Laser Module is in stand-by, the inner fan running at low speed will be turned off to reduce noise.


Snapmaker Ray V1.7.4