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This thread is for discussion of the Snapmaker Ray Firmware Updates.

CAN hub not working in V1.6.5. I am using a Snapmaker CAN Hub so that I can use the air purifier and emergency stop button on my Ray. In V1.6.0 it would allow me control of the air purifier and the use of the emergency stop button but in the latest version the controller will not start up and will continue to restart over and over again and eventually it might recognize the emergency stop button but then I can’t control the air purifier. The air purifier and emergency stop work fine if they are plugged directly into the add-on port but I want to use both at the same time, that is why I purchased the CAN hub. I don’t want to downgrade the firmware as I have already run into the issue where the laser doesn’t turn back on after clearing a flame exception.

I encountered issues after upgrading the firmware to V1.6.5 with my Ray. The device started to malfunction by exceeding the designated boundary area. However, the problem was resolved when I reverted back to the previous version, V1.6.0.


I bought a new Ray one week ago and wanted to update the firmware. Have downloaded it but Luban asks for 2 firmwares: one for the controller and one for the module

Which one shall I update ?

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additional questions:

  1. Luban does not tell me the current version - how can I find that out ?
  2. Shall I update to 1.6.5 or to 1.6.0 ?

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I have just seen there is another dialoque for the firmware in the workspace area.
I have already version 1.6.8 – is this the recommended version at the moment ?

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Here you go:

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I’m trying to update the firmware of my Ray using the SD card method Updating the firmware of Ray | Snapmaker Wiki but i do not have any luck:

  • I’ve downloaded the .bin file from the Support site
  • wrote this to my SD card
  • shut down Ray completely, inserted SD card and restarted the controller

The controller shows a white ring around the button and then turns red / green but is never blue…

Could anybody help me please?