Snapmaker Original stringing oozing issue within printed alphabet

Dear all,

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

I have tried retraction speed, retraction distance, Z hop but to no avail.

Some printer have Combing function which sets the extruder to traverse a different travelling path to avoid stringing or oozing.

Any useful tip is appreciated.

User Cura as a slicer to access functions such as combing and coasting.

You can also try reducing your print temperature by 5 degrees. Have you calibrated for the best temperature to print your fillament?

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That’s fast @C.Harris. Appreciate it. So far I had managed to settle at the sweetest initial temp and subsequent temp (for both nozzle and heat bed). The only issue now is the in-letter stringing/webbing. There is no issue between letters. I will try to reduce the temp of the subsequent layer and let you know the result here.

I have downloaded and installed Cura but have not explored it. Do I need any config file or profile file to use with Snapmaker Original?

Thank you.

I may have misunderstood the issue you are having. Its not stringing between letters but inside the letters? Can you post a photo as this sounds like a different issue from stringing altogether.

Please also include an image of the file you are trying to print sliced in whatever software you are using for reference. This was I may be able to advise better! :slight_smile:

Hey, it would also good to know which material at what speeds you want to print.
For example petg is more difficult to print than pla.

Printing a temp-tower would be my first step to avoid this issue.
You could take the gcode from this topic or create your own using cura.
Testsection is 4.:

Just PLA material coz Snapmaker Original cannot do ABS as initially planned.

At first I want to say, Printing abs is possible with the original. Sure you need an enclosure for that.
I have printed abs several times with 80°C Bed and 240°C Nozzle.

The picture, should there a string in the B?
This seems to be a Slicer issue because this is a thick string which is well printed.

I can’t see real stringing on the picture.

With what Slicer did you print and what settings did you use?

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I am using default Snapmakerjs. The settings are standard settings, Fast, Normal and High Quality. Irregardless of the settings and temperature settings, the string in the B is there to stay. It is part of the travel path. It does not occur in certain combi of letters and numbers. It only happens in certain combi of letters and numbers of the particular travel path. You get what I mean? The design has no string in the B. If the particular combi of letters and numbers has a ‘B’ and a ‘6’, stringing within the letter B and 6 will occur.

Hope my explanation is easily understood.

Thank you once again.

Have you enabled retraction?
I am not sure if it is originally enabled in standard settings.

May you upload your stl?

Yes @xchrisd I had set different retraction distance, retraction speed, retraction on OR off layer change. But result is still the same.

The STL is just letters and numbers. I had control set A of combi of letters and number without issue because the numbers are open loop.

The one with issues are numbers with closed loop.

Also in Snapmakerjs, if you click on the colour chart viewing for [travel], you will notice the letter and number have travel path cutting across within the closed loop of the letter and number.

Do you use luban or js?
Give me your object or forward this to Edwin, jkc or support of luban

Not too sure about Luban and stuff like that. Am only using whatever that comes with Snapmaker Original from Kickstarter which is Snapmakerjs. The travel path is determined by Snapmakerjs isn’t it?

Actually I just want to know if anyone of you knows about travel path. It seems that I cannot change the travel path at all.

It is disappointing and frustrating that Snapmakerjs would determine a travel path which cut across a letter closed loop just like that.


Snapmaker luban is compatible with snapmaker original.
Js has no support anymore.
Try it out, you will find it in the download section…

ahhhh…have not tried that. Will download that later on. Was not aware that Snapmakerjs is no longer supported. They could have put an update notification in Snapmakerjs which prompts for update or upgrade to Luban otherwise no user would have realised.

Downloaded and installed Snapmaker Luban.

Not much diff. The B and 6 still have travel path which will cause the stringing or webbing to build up as the path travels across within the letter or number.

Please see attached pic of the travel path of Snapmaker Luban.

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 2.59.18 AM Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 2.58.56 AM

Give me your stl. Please

PMed u the sample test stl and gcode already @xchrisd.

I have printed and sliced your stl with luban.
I see nearly the same travelpaths but finally i have no strings between or inside the B, 6 or 9.

Retraction: On
Retract at Layer Change: NO
Retraction Distance: 1mm
Retraction Speed: 45mm/s
Z-Hop when retracted: NO

Printed with well calibrated PETG in 3mins.

Now i tried your gcode and got the same results like you.
My final research is that only editing the retraction speed did the same, you need to retract less.
Try it with 1mm retract distance at 45mm/s.
(Maybe you also need to print higher layers, thats what i guess too, but have no more time to test now, i am on the jump to vacation =)

Hope this helps!