Snapmaker Luban - Settings Affected by Filament Material Type

Using Snapmaker Luban 4.8.2, I observe that some print settings are affected by the “Material Type” of the material assigned to the selected extruder. For example, for any PETG material, all of the default print settings profiles are available (Normal, Fast, Smooth, Precise), and Speed = Fast = 160mm/s. For any TPU material, by comparison, only the “Normal” default profile is available and Speed = Fast = 40mm/s.

There does not appear to be anywhere that I can either change the maximum/fast speed for a material type, or make a new Material Type or set a maximum/fast speed for a new custom material. A new custom material has to fall under one of the existing Material Types.

It would be nice to be able to add minimum to maximum print speed range and have Luban’s “slow”, “medium”, and “fast” forced to be within that range. Something of this nature is obviously already enabled for the built-in Material Types.

You can set up a new profile alongside the “fast”, “normal”, etc., profiles by clicking on Parameters in the top menu bar in the 3D printing environment. You can also edit the existing profiles.

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Yes, thank you - I am aware that entirely new print settings profiles can be created. My post was deliberately focussed on the fact that Luban (under the hood in some place that I haven’t found access to tweak) is changing what “slow” and “fast” mean depending on the “material type”. That would ideally be functionality that should be applied to newly added materials.

For example, just like we can specify a nozzle temperature low-high range for a new material, we should be able to specify a print speed slow-fast range. Who decided that “fast” for all PETG filaments should be 160mm/s anyway?