Luben won't save my printer settings

I can create materials ie: PETG. semi-flex, etc. but when I create the printer setting for that given material, Luben does not save the settings. When I open Luben, thise settings I created are gone.

Are there any tutorials on how to configure Luban?

You can add the specified material mode in Snapmaker Luban. And here is a video for your reference:

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Thanks Edwin. Unfortunately, that video was not much help. It shows how to add material but does not go into the printer settings. I can customize the printer settings for a given material, but when I close and re-open luben, all the custom printer settings are gone.


I’m having the same issue with any added “Printing Settings”. I can add a new setting and customize the printing parameters for a given job but even if I save the settings, they are not there the next time I open Luban. I even tried saving the print settings and re-loading them the next time I open Luban but the saved setting file doesn’t seem to be loading because the saved settings are not shown as an option in the print setting drop down list. I also tried saving the print environment but that didn’t work either. This issue is leading to a poor customer experience due to having to reload customer print settings if I use any filament other than PLA or ABS. HELP!

Any updates from Snapmaker Luban technical support would be helpful.


Thanks Hbargs. I can’t seem to find any tutorial/instructions on how to create and save material profiles. Maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully we can get an answer.

Hi, I have tried to set up PETG settings, but I cannot get the Luben software to let me changes in the section: Quality down to the support. A red circle with a line comes up when going to these settings. However, the settings for flow and temperature will change and seem to be recorded. I had to copy the PLA setting and then rename it as PETG, which did the first part, but I don’t want to go forward without making the other changes. Can you help?

I have not figured out how to add filament types and save them to Luban. I have asked and gotten no response. I use Simplify3D, there fore I have not pursued the settings in Luban.Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I think I may have saved it. When you select a setting: fast, normal, high and then options; first save a copy and you can then edit that copy.

I too would like to request this issue be fixed! In general Luban does most things I need it to except save the printer settings. It also does not save manual text size changes unless done by setting the font size. This is really inconvenient and I find myself using Lightburn, but Lightburn does not connect via wi-fi nor does it support the camera. What to do…

  1. Fix Save in Luban
  2. Add wi-fi for Lightburn
  3. Add Camera support for Lightburn
  4. Open .lbrn files in Luban

Any or all of these suggestions would really help me out!