Snapmaker Luban Original with Z Extension no model loading

Hi there, I am new here and this is my first 3D printer , so treat me as a noob but don’t hit me too hard :see_no_evil:
Before my z axis extension I was able to print one model but since I installed the extension my luban doesn’t work anymore. I allready updates to 3.4.2 , i set everything in the console and changed it to custom model with z axis 221. when I load a print with .stl the luban software starts loading the model in but it doesn’t reach 100 percent , never , I can only load the smallest prints but the snapmaker is not processing them right. No chance with big models . I work with a MacBook Air , latest software , all updates made. Even while loading the processor doesn’t reach full capacity, there is enough RAM left also.
I hope someone can help me out

(I would like to try out cura but can’t find the settings for the latest download with snapmaker , can anyone provide me the link please :pray:t2:)
Thank u all

That’s strange that Luban is having the issue. It shouldn’t really care one way or the other how tall the Z axis is. Have you tried loading the same model that you were able to load previously?

Regarding v1 Cura profiles, I posted what I did a while back. There are a couple of comments. But I’m having some issues with it recently that I haven’t figured out. Right now, when I generate GCode from Cura, it doesn’t set the nozzle and bed temperature. I haven’t taken the time to figure out the problem yet.

Have you tried different files/models? There is a known bug about too big models doesn’t load or slice… May you upload your stl here?

No I can’t even load the model I managed to print before ! The program just doesn’t load any models any more :face_with_head_bandage: I got to print it with cura, Luban just sucks

Even the 3dbenchy didn’t load?

No, nothing comes to 100% ! Sometimes I Manage to see the preview at about 80% but the model doesn’t fully load , I uninstalled everything and installed it again , no changes there

This is bad. @Edwin any ideas?
You could find cura settings on the support page. - you have to edit the machine to your size, that’s not difficult.

Snapmaker Luban 3.4.2 for Windows 64bits works with Z extension, I will try Luban for macOS right now.