Snapmaker Laser Position Problem


I bought the snapmaker 2.0 2 month ago. Now i testet the 2 laser modules an I have an issue it

I capture the table. Then I add the Laser motive on it. When I go into the work area, the motive is in a completely wrong position. Also the laser would laser it on a wrong position.

Please see the video.

Could you help me?

(I have the problem with the 1600mW Laser and 10W Laser)

Thank you very much.

Hi. Do you configured the correct machine type in luban? I have the same problem when I miss to change the machine when switching from one snapmaker to a different one.

The Setting is correct. But I only set it here: (Attachment)
Still the problem. :frowning:

Could anybody help me?

You are not following the directions EXACTLY as they are stated. It’s been a while since I’ve used the Laser, so I don’t remember exactly what it is that you are not following correctly, but it’s like 1 or 2 steps that you are not following EXACTLY as written. Go back do everything as written, word for word, don’t change anything.

You have no problem with CNC and printing?

3D Printing works. CNC I did not test until now. Here is a full video of the process. :-((

Hi woce82, have you contacted our Support at

Yes, but until now, no helping information from snapmaker support. :frowning: