What i'm i doing wrong!

OK for 4 days now i have been trying to laser a photo. doing something wrong because it keep starting it waaaaaay beyond my work space and burning up my device. i;m so confused and have looked at several tutorials as well as the manual get i have to move the xy axis but its still not setting inside my work area boundary …so ready to throw this machine

Does a similar issue happen with the 3d printing module or with the cnc module? Or is this only occurring with the laser module?

just with lazer i hope havent used cnc will be tomorrow i pray

Are you using Luban? If so, make sure the correct machine is selected.

Tap ‘HOME’ icon on the touchscreen and check if the sliders can move to the no-wire end of the linear module.

If the movements of the linear module are abnormal, you can use Snapmaker Luban to check the status of the machine.

  • Connect the machine with a PC via the USB cable and select the right serial port in Snapmaker Luban.

Input M1999 ,and you will see the log in the console. Please check if the linear modules’ length and types are recognized.
Input M2000 S0, and you can see the log in the console.

Please send me all the logs. You can copy and paste the text.


Forgot to mention that the very first thing you need to check is that you need to make sure the cables are plugged correctly as instructed in QSG.

yes luban but finally figured it out

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