Orders to the UK - does 'local warehouse' mean no import taxes?

Looking at the Snapmaker store, trying to understand whether I need to consider import taxes.

Items have this notice against them:
CA, AU and UK orders will be shipped from local warehouses.

Does this mean that if I’m in the UK, and order this item, then I do not need to pay import taxes/customs charges to receive it?


VAT is added as part of the ordering process and no other duties are applied so there should be no need for customs handling in the UK. I’ve had a recent order arrive with no problems and just got notice that my order for the new linear modules is shipping now - I don’t expect the order to attract any handling charges, I’ll know very soon and update here.

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Looks like my order is coming in two separate parcels, one via Royal Mail and the other Hermes. There is no tracking outside the UK and both look as though they will arrive Tuesday 23rd Nov, the tracking numbers only appeared on the 19th. Looking good.

Thanks for coming back to update, fingers crossed for you!

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Thanks, you can uncross your fingers now. :grinning:

Both parcels arrived this morning, obviously from UK warehouses, no sign of any customs documentation.

Amazing, congrats and thanks for coming back to this.

It’s a great reassurance for future orders (but definitely makes me wonder where their shipping quotes come from as the cost seems to be astronomical for UK local shipping)

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I suspect the cost includes the journey from China to UK, I don’t know how many sales they have here.