Customs VAT for european shipping?

Hi everybody, I’m Italian and I’d like to know if I buy a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 will be shipped from an european warehouse or not.
I have to pay customs VAT ?

Thanks and bye

YES, you need to pay VAT. No, it will be shipped from china.

Ciao, si devi pagarla, se la prendi sul loro sito al momento del pagamento ti verrà aggiunta l’iva e la spedizione.
No viene spedita dalla cina, se non erro con DHL.

If you order from the European store, customs, VAT/Shipping etc should be included in the final price.
Obviously you do need to pay those costs, but they should all be included in the cost.

I ordered mine from the US-store when it was still a pre-order (there wasn’t a EU store yet at that point) and then the VAT, shipping etc were all included in the final checkout price. I assume this is also the case for the EU store. (and if not there would most likely be in violation of some EU laws)

I did see complaints about people who received replacement parts and that needed to pay customs when receiving the items, but haven’t seen any complaints like that about new orders.

But in general, from the EU store: price you pay at checkout should be it as far as I know.

FYI, there have been some reports on FB of US customers being charged a 25% import fee recently. This is only with shipments through DHL, not Fedex. Not sure why. I think Fedex is boat then Fedex, where DHL is all air.

I have to pay about If I remind correct, 59Euro to FEDEX directly (the bill araived about 3 weeks later) not to snapmaker for my A350. It was last year, waiting for hotends from the EU shop, will see what I have to pay now.

Hello, I bought an A250 in the EU shop on December 19, 2020. I had to pay 98 euros for shipping via UPS from China to Austria. The purchase price was stated on the invoice and the taxes were stated with 0 euros. So the tax seems to be included in the purchase price.
I got my SM today …

I bought mine through the UK agent, VAT was included and delivery was free. I didn’t have to pay any duty. Just like buying anything else in the UK. That was in December when we were in the EU. :smiley: