Shipping, sales tax, and tarriff

Wanting to buy an A250, but hesitant until I have an idea of shipping, sales tax or tariff costs.

Anyone willing to share your costs to US within the last few months (April-May- June).

Also noticed shipping for new orders is backed up to November. Long time to wait.



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If you pre-order now, you would get your Snapmaker in November. Usually there is no import tax for users in the U.S… But for sales tax and the shipping fee (usually around $90 depending on the region for the A350) you can go on our website and go through the checkout process to check. Just don’t place the order yet.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I ordered an A350 in December 2019. I only just realized the potential for tariff implications. The above from JCK20 is very encouraging. But I am having a hard time squaring JCK20’s remark above with this, which indicates that it was updated just a few weeks ago:

can someone please help me better understand?


Thanks for posting this link. I will have to edit my original statement because it is kind of misleading. I shouldn’t have said “There is no import tax for users in the U.S…” There is, but most of the time users in the U.S. pay little to none import tax. You can check out our Facebook group and there are posts by users in the U.S. talking about such fees. And you will get an idea when it comes to you receiving your Snapmaker.