EU Shipping price due to warranty repairs - question

Hi there!
I plan on taking advantage of the 400 Eur discount which is active 19 more hrs for Snapmaker 2.0. However, I have a huge concern that stops me and want to get a clearer idea in the next 10 or so hours :smiley: in order to decide to place the order or not.
My question: I will get my unit shipped to the EU, from an EU warehouse for 90 Eur for a max of 5 business days. However, if I run into warranty issues and have to return the unit for repairs, is the return address in the EU or is it all the way back to China? I ask, because DHL, for example, gives me a price of around 700 Eur for one-way shipping to China with insurance of a package of 10 Kgs and 45x45x45 cm which is a deal-breaker in case of a need of a warranty repair.
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You shouldn’t ever need to return the whole printer also from what I have read from other users, i don’t think they are currently asking for defective parts to be returned. Hope that helps,