Just bought and built snapmaker 2 can’t get it to work

Seems to be the controler also can’t jog with any laser, CNC or printer head

If you have a bad controller, then you need to contact support for a replacement. I assume you’ve done the obvious—triple-checked the assembly, made sure all the cables are seated properly, etc.

It went to home once and hasn’t electronically moved since tried all the updates, no change, being in Australia, would i be calling the number in Shenzhen. or is there an agent in Australia ?

You’d be calling Shenzen.
But right now it’s Lunar New Year so not sure how easy to reach.
Most people use support@snapmaker for help.

Can you connect with USB and have machine respond?
With power off unseat and reseat cables. Triple check proper connections.

Connecting the computer with USB didn’t work the computer sends the commands to the machine but nothing happens have reseated all cables and the machine won’t startup sometimes and shows nothing on the screen.

Hi All
contacted support,
short story Z was not connected properly, thanks for your help.

Just because this is such an incredibly common occurrence would you mind sharing what about the cables looked like it was good when you checked previously while it wasn’t fully seated?

Apparently the usual suggestion of triple check the cabling is insufficient. What should people be looking for?


The connection was from the back of the muilti connector and not clearly visible, but when I looked the third time it was ad jar about 1mm, pulled it out clicked it back in “bingo” all good. There’s obviously diagnostics to prevent start up if all’s not right, the help service wanted i log printed which told him what was wrong, maybe in the future the software could tell the new user what the problem was, as it wrote it into the log.

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