Snapmaker A250 will not print

Is it just my machine or is the snapmaker 2 A250 the biggest waste of money on the market? I have calibrated 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. but still the filament (snapmaker black). I have checked with a bubble level and laser level both good. I have tried fast . Normal and high quality nothing helps The printing starts ok but then it all goes wrong. . Either the filament doesn’t stick to the surface or does not bond with the laid filament.
any help would be accepted

It’s probably the filament. Lot’s of people have had problems the SM black. Might want to try a different brand of filament.

It could be the machine. Sometimes the thermistor isn’t seated right so the nozzle temps are off. Generally that means too high though.

It might be you. Maybe your z-offset is too close. Nozzle temp too low. (with the not bonding this sounds like it could be part of the problem.) Try upping 5-10º. Reduce retraction to 1mm.

Could be under-extruding. Have you calibrated extruder?

Sharing pictures of first layer and your settings can help us diagnose.


how do you calibrate the extruder??

The STL File is one i down loaded from the Myminifactory site

Hard to tell anything from that picture.

Have you printed a benchy or calibration cube?
It’s highly recommended to start with something like that to get everything checked and dialed in.

Extruder calibration:

Share your stl too. Not everything you find online is either meant to be 3d printed, or it’s for a different type of printer, or just is not well designed and has problems, or needs support, or needs to be printed in a different direction…you get the idea.


as you might be able to tell very new to this 3d printing lark. what’s a benchy or calibration cube? and how do you do them??

will try the extruder calibration tomorrow.

I’m just trying a different filament at the moment and that seems to be going ok so far and as I say that it goes wrong again nightmare


Calibration cube

I recommend starting with the cube. Save the benchy until you’ve at least got the plastic sticking where it should.