🔥 Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Modules are now available at our Official Store!

:tada: Exciting News! :tada: Now available at our Official Store, the Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Modules will upgrade your printers to much stronger desktop laser cutters!

:high_brightness: What’s Included? :high_brightness:
With both the 20W and 40W modules, you get the full package! Each module comes with Air Assist, an Air Assist Pump, and a built-in Quick Swap mechanism.

:rocket: Limited Time Offer! :rocket:
Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get your hands on these incredible laser modules at unbeatable prices:
- Snapmaker 20W Laser Module: $449 / €489
- Snapmaker 40W Laser Module: $699 / €749

:bell: Act Fast! :bell:
The Early Bird Prices won’t last forever, so make sure to grab your laser module now.

:globe_with_meridians: Click the link below to explore the possibilities and place your order today! :globe_with_meridians:

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Some of you may wonder how to install these new laser modules onto your machines. I’d like to share the answer and demo videos here. :slight_smile:

For 2.0 machine owners, you can attach the 20W & 40W Laser Module to the machine either using the Quick Swap mechanism or four screws. To learn more about the installation process, please watch the video below.

For Artisan owners, you can detach the Quick Swap Toolhead Plate from the original 10W Laser/3D Printing/CNC Module and secure it onto the new laser module with two screws (incl. in the new laser module package). Please note that each set of the Quick Swap Toolhead Plate and the Toolhead Bracket of the Artisan machine have been checked for proper grasp & release tightness before delivery. If using a new toolhead plate, there’s a risk that it will result in less effective grasp & release tightening performance. Therefore, we don’t offer individual Quick Swap Toolhead Plate for Artisan machine. We recommend Artisan users to use the provided toolhead plate from other toolhead modules. To learn more about the installation process, please watch the video below.

We have never given up on pursuing a higher standard of product experience. Therefore, we will continue to explore and test relevant solutions to achieve a faster Quick Swap experience. If there are any updates in the future, we will share them with you in the community. Thank you all for your support.

I’d recommend you to learn more info from the product page. Informative type!

I took a few screenshots.


Dedicated FAQ page:

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