New Arrival-Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Module

UPDATE: 2023-07-24

We have heard your voices, and we are thrilled to share an update on the Launch Price for the upcoming high-power laser modules. All early users can enjoy $150 OFF/$300 OFF for the 20W/40W Laser Module. Check out the updated prices:

  • 20W Launch Price: $449 (MSRP $599)
  • 40W Launch Price: $699 (MSRP $999)

In response to popular inquiries, we would like to clarify that the prices of both the 20W and 40W laser modules include the following features: Air Assist, Air Assist Pump, and a built-in Quick Swap mechanism (Compatible with both Quick Swap mechanism and toolhead screws installation). Furthermore, unlike the previously released 10W module, the new modules do not include a built-in camera. Instead, they utilize a Focus Lever for laser platform height calibration, employing a simple and reliable workflow. We will be sharing more photos, videos, and FAQs in the community to help you gain a better understanding of these new laser modules.

This decision was made based on user feedback and careful consideration of available resources to provide you with the best possible offers. Two main considerations:

  1. Ensuring the best possible price for our users for the 40W laser upgrade: High-quality 40W modules on the market typically cost around $1000, and many machines lack the structural strength to support a 40W laser module. However, Snapmaker machines are known for their robust structures, and both the 2.0 series (A150 excl.) and the Artisan can easily handle the 40W module. By lowering the 40W laser module Launch Price, we aim to provide tangible value to our users. The high-power 20W & 40W Laser Module will greatly empower the flexible, high-performance, modular fabrication tool system that we are building. We hope that more Snapmaker users can experience and utilize it to create wonderful creative works.
  2. Enhancing the shopping experience: Our upgraded modules primarily target existing Snapmaker users. With this in mind, we have implemented limited-time launch discounts based on timeframes, foregoing the traditional marketing approach of stacking discount codes that require manual input on the user’s end. By directly reducing the Launch Price, we aim to improve the efficiency and quality of the communication and operational processes for both users and our team.

We would like to provide you with some additional details regarding the Launch Price adjustment. We understand the importance of clear communication to gain your trust and support, so please allow us to outline the key information for you:

  • Previous pricing discount policy: Early users can enjoy a discount of $100 OFF, plus an additional 10% discount for existing users.
  • Updated pricing discount policy: Early users (ordering before August 1) will enjoy the following discounts: $150 OFF for the 20W Laser Module, and $300 OFF for the 40W Laser Module.
  • Specifically for the 40W Laser Module, we want to address a point of confusion. Under the previous pricing scheme, the total discount amounted to $190 OFF. However, with the updated pricing discount, the online promotional discount is now $300 OFF, giving you an additional $110 discount compared to the previous plan.
  • We also want to address the confusion some of you may have experienced if you subscribed to our newsletter for the new laser module project updates. You may have noticed that the originally mentioned “10% OFF” existing user discount code won’t be provided. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. In the interest of simplifying the process and improving service efficiency, we have removed the need to enter a coupon code when ordering the new laser modules. Rest assured, the 10% discount for existing users has indeed been considered and directly applied to the updated pricing discount. We want to make things as seamless as possible for you all.

Some of you may be curious about the cooling systems for the 20W & 40W Laser Module, as well as the reason why the 40W module is larger in size compared to the 20W module. Both modules utilize a cooling system consisting of a pressurized fan and a metal heat sink. While we have not showcased this part of the design, the metal heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the laser diode, while the fan blows the heat away. As the laser power increases, the heat generated by the laser diode also increases, requiring a higher fan speed and larger heat dissipation area. This is why the 40W module is considerably larger in size compared to the 20W module.

We hope this clears up any questions or concerns you may have had regarding the Launch Price adjustment. As always, we value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on these updates. Thank you for being a part of the Snapmaker community, and we’re excited to continue this journey with you.

Make Something Wonderful.

Best regards,

Team Snapmaker


:fire:Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Module will be available on July 25, 7 am PDT! !:tada:
Both modules are compatible with Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 3D printer!
From July 25, 7 am PDT to August 1, 7 am PDT, we got you a limited offer!
In addition, Artisan users (order Artisan before July 24 11:59 pm PDT) can enjoy an extra 10% discount! You can have the modules at $449/€485 (20W), $809/ €872 (40W). The code will be sent via email on July 25! :star_struck:

Learn more: Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Module with Air Assist – Snapmaker US"


This is great news! I have a couple questions, though. When is this expected to ship? I see that it includes air assist, but does it come with a compressor? I didn’t see a photo of that in the product listing. Will this be compatible with the quick swap module? If so, will you sell the quick swap plate for the Artisan separately so we can add this to our machines?

Thank you!

Good news.
I see the new modules don’t have image capture abilities. Does that mean the workflow will not include seeing the work bed and overlying the work on top of a captured image?

Also do the modules support quick swap mechanism as in the artisan?


Sehr schön, das es bald einen 20W und 40W Laser geben wird.

Doch leider ohne die Möglichkeit ein Bild aufzunehmen um das Werkstück zu platzieren….


Very nice that there will soon be a 20W and 40W laser.

But unfortunately without the possibility to take a picture to place the workpiece….

Hi :blush:

  • We About shipment, please pay attention to our official store page. We will update the relevant info after the official release on July 25, 7 am PDT.
  • Yes, the Air Assist will also include an Air Assist Pump.
  • The 20W & 40W Laser modules will also be compatible with the quick swap kit. You don’t need to make additional purchases.
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The 20W and 40W laser modules do not have a camera capture function. However, there are alternative methods such as using the Focus Lever and the Cross Light to achieve the same effect. Below is a short video to show you how it works.


Absolutely KEEN for something like this. Already having a bunch of fun with the 10W laser and was curious as to when you guys were going to release something to help our Artisans keep up with the likes of XTool and other diode laser machines.

It’s not hardware where Snapmaker needs to “focus” on to keep up with the likes of XTool et al, but software. A laser is just a laser (discounting the differences between different types of lasers), but the software drives the laser. Luban cannot hold a candle to the other, widely used cross platform software packages out there.


Thank you for the update, this answers all my questions and concerns. I wish you would’ve just made the camera module better but I understand the choice.

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It’s available now! Check out this topic:

40W Laser Module cutting 20mm pinewood in one pass:
(3) 40W Laser Module on Snapmaker Artisan, cutting 20mm pinewood in one pass with Air Assist on! - YouTube
Cutting 15mm Basswood Plywood in one pass:
(3) Cutting 15mm Basswood Plywood in one pass with 40W Laser Module running on Snapmaker Artisan. - YouTube

Feel free to check out these videos!