Upgraded Laser Module

So I saw something in the support FAQ that was just posted yesterday, saying the upgraded Laser module may now be 10w, @staff can we get a clarification on this? Is this for the current machines? Or is it only for the Snapmaker L500?

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Hi @Artezio, do not worry about this. It will compatiable with the current SM 2.0 machines.

Hi Potter do you if there is already a release date for the 10W laser

November 19th is the release date.

The 1.6w is $129, what price they gonna sell a 10w @? I have such a hard time with the current laser, I hope they keep it under $500, or a great Black Friday price.

@MiSTRFiNGA seeing Snapmaker’s pricing practices lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was priced at $1k, other 10w output diode lasers for 3d printers I’ve seen are like $120, Snapmaker is kind of ruining their own niche with the prices they set.

Agreed. I was really excited about the rotary module until they set the price. Now I’ve decided I can permanently do without it.

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I use 3D printing as my main tool.
I’ve only used the laser a little bit and haven’t found many situations where I can use it.
If the output power of the laser is increased, I may be able to use it in more situations.
I would like to make a nameplate for a display stand with a metal plate.
Is it possible to engrave the metal plate with the 10w module?
I want to make this with metal plates.

@ViperZ would still need special coating to do it. Engraving and etching often get confused, engraving is a physical process where material is actually removed and is technically part of subtractive manufacturing, etching is a chemical process. The Snapmaker’s laser will never be powerful enough to engrave metals, not the 10w either since it’s still a diode laser. Etching on the other hand can be done if you use a spray on or draw on type of coating, some people have used sharpie.

No way - They are so reasonable. Their stop button is very affordable, as is their air purifier given the specs. Honestly, they are pricey but my machine is beefy. It sits next to my Prusa like it’s a big brother and prints lovely. I am very happy with it - it’s slow yes but it’s solid and I can trust it. I’d be ok with anything up to around 300.

@phoenixperry their stop button isn’t a real stop button, it’s just another module that tells the controller another command, it’s not a cutoff like true stop buttons are. Their air purifier costs more than it should. Up to 300? And if it’s more than that?

I wouldn’t pay more than $150, so fair chance I won’t be getting the module. You can get a full 10W system for $589 from Xtool with what appears to be solid build quality.

Ditto!!! Seriously, pay more than that and you’ve become the Snapmaker Version of an Apple fanboi

Pricing finally out and pre-order available:
$399 pre-order price ($459 regular price)
Shipping February 2022
Here’s the link:


It’s still unclear if it can cut clear acrylic. 10W web page says “Supported Materials for Cutting :… black and red acrylic…”

I know the 1600mW laser can’t cut clear, unable to focus properly on the clear material.

@sdj544 yeah for that price no thanks. You can get one just as powerful for like $150 and it works for most 3D printers. Snapmaker’s packaging went the way of Apple and it seems that their pricing has too.

Unfortunately, it will not cut clear acrylic. The wavelength of the laser light in diode lasers will just shine right through clear acrylic. At least, that’s my understanding. You need a CO2 laser to cut clear.

Does anyone know the reasoning behind why the 10w laser module is not compatible with the A150? I know it can’t be a power supply issue or a fitting/clearance issue as the power supply and mounting plates are identical across all 2.0 models. Now I could be wrong but it seems like Snapmaker is slowly distancing themselves from the A150 as they move forward and only will be supporting the A250 and A350 form factors. First it was the rotary module, now the 10w laser, and no doubt the dual 3D printer extruder will be another module not compatible with the A150.

Circling back to the 10w laser module I wonder if it’s a weight issue and the single z-axis linear drive isn’t sufficient, though the module must be like triple the weight of the 1.6w module for that to be the case in my view. :man_shrugging:

@insomniac_designer the fact of the matter is that the A150 is a machine with a very small work volume. The rotary wasn’t compatible with it because it doesn’t have a large enough clearance on the z axis, in other words the volume on the z axis is too short to clear the rotary. This might also apply to the dual extruder but the volume is too small on the x and y instead of z because the head is wider. As for laser I’m not actually sure because I have no interest in paying 4x the price of one of the same power for a different machine.

My guess is $300 and I was hoping for a half price sale… I don’t currently use the laser, so I guess I won’t buy it.
I would like to get a 3D dual extruder, but I doubt it will ever be cheaper than this. Too bad.