New Release - Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Module

Will there be a specific code, or will the new prices just be available upon purchase when ordering?
And maybe I’ve missed it or I keep reading over it, but is there also an expected delivery date?

We will directly reduce the purchase price during the launch week, you don’t need to enter discount codes anymore! You can check the price in our official store now.:blush:

Will the Snapmaker Ray later also be available without a laser module? I would like to use the laser module I bought now in a Snapmaker Ray later.

Wird es den Snapmaker Ray später auch ohne Lasermodul geben? Ich würde gern das jetzt gekaufte Lasermodul später auch in einem Snapmaker Ray verwenden.

It seems two of my wishes may come true: A) I asked Snapmaker support about the PWM frequency of the 20/40W - they said it’s 5 kHz. I hope that means they changed firmware and the 1.6 and 10W will also benefit from that. B) 🔥 Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Modules are now available at our Official Store! - #3 by Jade suggests that indeed an 2W IR laser is in the making! yay!


Hello m, what’s the difference between the 40W artisan/Ray and 2.0 model? Let’s say I buy the 2.0 model, will it fit in the Ray machine when available? Other option, go with Ray model… but will it fit on the 2.0 so I can use it on both machines?

It’s available now! Check out this topic:

@Jade Thanks for the updates.
Whats the noise in db of the air assist pump? May share a video about cutting 20mm wood?
Maybe also a comparison video 10W/20W/40W?

I use the same pump, it’s very quiet.

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Please see this FAQ.
[Pre-sale FAQ for Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Module – Snapmaker]

Hi, please note that 2.0 users will also need the two cables to use the 20W & 40W Laser modules (see the below picture). And the two new modules is compatible with the Ray machine as well.


I think I will wait for the Ray Machine with the 40W as I need more workspace. I have A250.

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Please see the below air assist pump info. And you can watch the video on Youtube about cutting 20mm Pinewood in the 4OW Laser module.
(3) 40W Laser Module on Snapmaker Artisan, cutting 20mm pinewood in one pass with Air Assist on! - YouTube
Cutting 15mm basswood plywood:
(3) Cutting 15mm Basswood Plywood in one pass with 40W Laser Module running on Snapmaker Artisan. - YouTube

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Thanks for the videos and data.
What space does the pump need?
Is it supposed to sit on the top of the enclosure?

Can I use Luban 4.3.2 with the 20/40 Watt modules?

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I am interested in this matter. If the wavelength becomes longer, can plastics also be cleanly engraved? Additionally, regarding engraving on metals, what are the differences when using a high-power module?

Check this out - Debate on Laser Cutting Plastic: Why Many Car Factories Using Laser Cut Plastic Parts? Is it Safe? - YouTube

Not the part about safety, but how awesome they do the 3d cutting of plastic in examples.

Tho the safety part is important.

Thank you for the link to the reference video.

It’s stated that the output is 2W and intended for engraving, so cutting may not be possible. As for metal engraving, do you happen to know the differences between using 450nm and 1064nm wavelengths? Can anyone provide more information on this?

The color is the hint in the picture :slight_smile: clever.

So the new modules 20w and 40w) are what’s called Blue diod lasers (450nm), the 2w 1064nm is Infrared laser. These are expensive, anything beyound 3-4w is not very affordable this days. Laser pecker has combined diod laser.

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Yes, you can use Luban to control the new module and the Air Assist.

It can be placed outside of the enclosure. let me share a photo with you. :blush: