Snapmaker 2 - Enclosure

Hi, from what I understand, the enclosure “safety switch” is connected to the controller via a CAN bus module thus only controlled by software. This is unfortunately not authorized in some environments (e.g. where “normal” -not trained- public or kids are around), especially with the laser module. Even in professional environment it is not (or barely) legal.
Is there any possibility to connect a safety switch onto the laser modul directly? It should at least reduce the power to a eye safe level.

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There is no stock solution of that type available at this time.

There have been a lot of reports of the enclosure door sensor not working quite right ( Door Detection Faulty , for instance). Usually, it mis-detects the door as open when it isn’t, but I’m not sure I would trust it not to fail the other way around. Detection can also be easily shut off.

The simple solution is to use an enclosure that can be locked with a key (think about fire safety before you do this, though, just in case). The better solution would be to wire something up that cuts power (to the toolhead or the whole machine) when it senses the door open, but I’m not aware of anyone who has actually done this. It might void your warranty. Buy a replacement for the cable you intend to mangle before trying it.