How I can engrave something with enclosure door open?

I want to engrave something larger than snapmaker bed(using the protection glasses), so I need to find an option for that but I cannot find it.
Is there any easy way to do that that is not removing the enclousure?

Build a bigger blue light blocking enclosure? Or put on the glasses also works

I assume you’re wanting to get around the safety feature where the laser won’t fire at full power with the door open.

3 options:
Unplug the enclosure.

Use a magnet to fool the door sensor.

Take off one half of the door sensor and attach to the other.


Don’t forget you can actually disable the door detection via the enclosure “app” on the touchscreen, Luban, or sending M1010 S0 in the console.

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I’m trying to use the laser on a long article that sticks out the front of my enclosure. I typed in M1010 S0 but all I can get is the pale yellow laser that it uses to run the boundary? Is there a specific point in the process to inject the M command? Just to be clear I am using a capital “M” and “S”, “1” and “0” (zero), and two spaced between the the M1010 and the S)…correct?

Also, I am using Luban 4.10.1 and I don’t see any option to disable the enclosure?

…Pale yellow laser? It should frame with a low intensity setting with the main blue diode. What is your full setup? Is it a 2.0 with enclosure? Also, yes, capital letters and the numbers.

EDIT: Oh… apparently they removed that option from Luban. You’ll have to open the “Enclosure” app on the touchscreen, then click the settings button to disable the door detection. Otherwise you might have to unplug the enclosure altogether if that doesn’t work.

Just take the metal side of that part of the sliding door and put it over the magnets.

I have a Snapmaker 350 with the full enclosure.

The disable option has been bugged for awhile.

Like i said, unscrew the metal ‘end’ of the sliding door and put it over the magnets to close the loop and make it think the door is closed. It’s 4 screws if I remember correctly.

Not sure that this is a bug - my impression was that they do not allow door detection disable with laser intentionally, most likely to meet some countries safety regulations.

Then remove it as a feature. It’s a bug if you have an option that doesn’t do what it says it does.

Doesn’t really explain safety standards if I could remove my enclosure completely and still use the lasers.

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I never said that it makes sense :slight_smile:

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Hm, a quick test seems it’s working “as intended” which is nerfed. I’m on the latest 1.18.1;

They removed the toggle to turn off door detection in Luban, however, the option is still available from the enclosure settings;

It also responds properly to the M1010 S0/S1 commands, note the “Enclosure” mode being turned off and on.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 143518
Screenshot 2023-11-25 143455

I was able to quickly run a project with the door open after using M1010 S0


With the door open, it lets the project run, but only at minimal power, despite the door detection being off. So with the latest firmware, you’ll have to either unplug the enclosure fully, or put a magnet on the hall sensor.

EDIT: WOOP Found the solution with a typo! Apparently S10 “opens” the door, and S11 “closes” the door, regardless of the actual state of the door!

Door Open;
Screenshot 2023-11-25 151623
Door Closed;
Screenshot 2023-11-25 151650

Just flung the door open, sent M1010 S11 via Luban’s console, verified it said door closed with a clean M1010, and ran a project. Full power go! Enjoy your janky workaround and BE SAFE. WEAR GOGGLES, KEEP DOORS CLOSED, ETC. I’m not responsible for any injuries.

EDIT2: M1010 S12 will reset the door status, reading the sensor and setting the flag appropriately.

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These are nice findings, thanks for sharing!

And yes, second this: be very careful, the SM2 lasers are certainly no toys!

My thanks to you two for your suggestions. I, too, had no luck getting full power with the door setting on the controller. It would execute the task, but only at low power.

I then tried just unplugging the door lead, but got the door warning on the controller when I tried to execute the job.

It I finally tried the caveman approach, partially dissembling the first panel of the end door and allowing that vertical frame to stay connected to the enclosure edge, while swinging the remainder of the end door open. This worked just fine. I had first tried using some strong magnets to fool the door sensor, but was unable to make that idea work.

Happily, I am now able to get my oversize work done!

Hehe - nicely done :slight_smile:

In order to fool the sensor, you need to hit four hall sensors, two for each door - see here:

@robotrash made a device for that:

And, as some pointed out, just unplugging the whole enclosure from the controller also works. No LED lights then however.

Hauke, would you be willing to share the STL for that door magnet? I don’t like having to undo the screws that hold the plexiglass panels in place…too much opportunity to crack a panel!


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Hehe - nicely done :slight_smile:

In order to fool the sensor, you need to hit four hall sensors, two for each door - see here:

Warning: Security issue - Enclosure door detection not checked at start/not fail safe Snapmaker 2.0

Just wanted to start a new thread when I found this one. Still, since I took some pictures, I guess my post is worth something after all slight_smileTook the freedom to make the title a bit more dramatic… TL;DR; When the machine starts up, it assumes door state “closed” regardless of the actual door state. Only after closing the door properly once, the door state by e.g. M1010 reflects the physical door state. This is a security problem when because of e.g. misaligned magnets (like after t…

@robotrash made a device for that:

Warning: Security issue - Enclosure door detection not checked at start/not fail safe Snapmaker 2.0

Ended up coming with a quick design to press fit some magnets that works quite well. Uses the existing screws holding the sensor cover on and just sits on top of the existing cover. Doors still close as well! [Album] []

And, as some pointed out, just unplugging the whole enclosure from the controller also works. No LED lights then however.

Type M1010 S11 in the Luban console and it will set the door state to ‘closed’, even with it wide open. Did some tests on the latest firmware it worked flawless.

I absolutely would be willing, but it is not my design and I do not have it. You’ll need to ask @robotrash. It should not be very complicated to design this yourself - with Windows 3D Builder I’d guess I would need less than 30 min’s.

Easiest solution.

First: Only requires removing 3x small screws from holding the door end (containing the magnets) from the door panel.

Next step: Leave the door panels open and place the door end on the enclosure frame where it would normally site when the door is closed. the magnets will hold the door end against the enclosure frame.

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