Enclosure Door won't sense it's Closed

Setting up to laser engraving. I get to the calibration step where it wants to turn on the laser. When I enter the Laser password, it starts to move then complains the enclosure door is open. I tried reversing the sensor plug with no difference. Then I power down the controller, but on power up it goes back to the calibration step. Again it complains the door is open. The controller won’t exit that step so every time the controller is powered up, it again gets stuck on that step.

Maybe this helps:

Hope you share your solution.

I have checked and double checked the connectors. I have also checked the voltages at the connectors. They measured correct voltages both with the door open and closed, so it would seem the problem lies within the firmware.

In this case you need to open a ticket or email support@Snapmaker.com


Please let us know your solution.

I have an open ticket, but it hasn’t been answered yet.

I have now received a replacement door Hall sensor which I have installed with absolutely no change in the results. The laser function STILL complains the door is open so refuses to get beyond the camera calibration step. Is there NO WAY to either get the door sensor working or to disable the door sensor during laser engraving?
Maybe is there some diagnostic routine to find the problem? I spent $3000 only to get 2/3 of the functionality?

Lets get some serious attention to this problem!