Snapmaker 2.0 problem

I have finished to mount the Snapmaker 2.0 without problem.
After first steps to calibrate thee plate i have put in the USB and launched the firmware update. After few secondo the snapmaker screen show " 110/110 file completed " and then reebot.
After, more or less, 80/90 minutes nothing happened so i have turned off the printer. Now the printer not start any more, the screen still black and on Snapmaker Luban can’t see the printer Wifi.

What to do ?

ps. already sent an email to support…

Hi Askbruzz, this is Alan.

Did the main contorller still have light breathing?
You can try re-plug the touch screen, wait for a second and turn on the pritner again,If the problem still exist, could you post the screen status on it?

Best Regrests,

Hi Alan, thanks for answer

Yes the power supply have the white light breathing.

I have tried to unplug the touchscreen, plug in again and power on the machine but nothing happen.
The touchscreen remaining black all time.

Here is the right link:

  1. FISRT POWER ON of the printer: first power - Google Drive

  2. The printer AFTER firmware update: Post Firmware - Google Drive

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Hi Askbruzz, thanks for the update.

After checking two clips, here’s my opinions:

  1. The first clip shows that the printer works well, seems like the start guide starts successfully and the screen status was good as so far.
  2. The second clip helps us to confirm somethings. First the connection was right, so we can exclude wrong connection on the controller, Another thing I found that the TFT display was not lighted up on the screen. It means the screen module was not power on.

I try to check the controller’s status with the clip but it’s a little bit difficult to confirm, sorry for that : (

The light of the controller was close to the bottom of the controller(the “metal controller box”,not the bigger power adapter one, with white lights on, keep breathing if power on and running successfully). I could only confirmed the power module 's lights, so can you check the controller was successfully power on?

If light was off, maybe it is a hardware problem, please power off and ensure the power module wire was plug in well, please be careful when you checking this and make sure your printer is power off.

The other option is connect with serial port wired via PC(mini usb port near the screen slot), you can try to connect the printer with Snapmaker Luban to confirm printer status.Not so convenience but still can help us to confirm that.

Looking forward your reply, If you have any question with it, just reply below.


Hello Alan
thanks for answer :slight_smile:
Maybe, with the snapmaker support, we have found the problem.
Seems that the cable from power supply to the control its broken.

I have no idea how it is possible…

Hi Askbruzz,

Sorry for your inconvenience. Please contact the support and get a replace one.

Still following this issue, if you have other question please feel free to ask.