Snapmaker 2.0 not accepting WiFi Password

New Snapmaker 2.0 User here!
Just finished assembly and trying to get through set-up and first calibration …
I’m trying to connect to my wifi.
The software isn’t accepting the password even though I KNOW it’s correct (on the screen).
The wifi password has capital letters in it.
In other Unix/ Linux environments, I’ve run in to this problem before …
Is there a way around this?
I don’t have an easily accessible LAN drop where the unit is placed.

“Not accepting password” is extremely vague. You mean enter doesn’t work? Just won’t connect? You say upper case characters, why is that relevant? Shift not working. please elaborate. You’re not trying to connect to 5GHz network?

I’m able to input the password. I’m able to view the password and verify that it is correct.
When I follow the prompts to connect to my wifi network, it does not connect and shows a “failed” icon … then tries to get me to go through the process again.

Is your wifi network’s SSID hidden? If so, you may need to unhide it for the Snapmaker to be able to connect to it.

Or you might just have poor reception in that area, or need to update your firmware.

Actually… here’s something screwy…
It acted like it didn’t connect.
Then I went over to my laptop, installed Lubon, downloaded an stl file to try and print via USB … then the Snapmaker showed up under the “devices” field (I’m not at my laptop so I forget what the actual field is).
I was able to print remotely just fine.

Not sure what happened.

i had the same, my fritz box was on a channel the Snapmaker could not recognize,( i think it was 12 )
Just change the WiFi Channel to lower ones like 3 in the router.