Snapmaker 2.0 Never Delivered

Has anyone else had issues with the delivery process of the snapmaker 2.0? I am going on a year and a half since I’ve ordered this printer and all I see with my order is investigation ongoing. Just curious to how late or in some cases early did some of you get your machine.

There is nothing like getting an email last November saying “Now that you have owned your snapmaker 2.0 for a month now please tell us what you think”. And not having anything to work with. lol.

email and ask

probably stuck in customs

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Mine got lost in transit. Not Snapmakers fault, they handed it to ups and it was never seen again. They sent out a second machine and this time was given to USPS

I’ve got the same issue. I Bought a 2.0 A250 last december 2020 . It was never delivered to my home address but got stuck in their depot . The package was also handled by UPS and got ‘lost in transit’ ! I never got a decent answer or reply from UPS to my numerous mails and contacts I have sent them . Snapmaker should stop working with UPS and choose for a more trustable company ! They should also start a profound investigation against UPS , because this is not a standalone case !

Yeah, I had plenty of issues. It is with FedEx. It is likely in one of their distribution warehouses. Download the app, get the tracking number from Snapmaker if you don’t already have it and then find it by the app.

After locating, take a screen shot in the app, and contact @FEDEXHelp on Twitter and escalate the issue, and make a LOT OF NOISE with FedEx.

It will get delivered. I had my Enclosure arrive one and a half month BEFORE the printer! and it was freaking frustrating.

Mine was shipped via FEDEX. Escalate the issues with your respective shipping company. Make a lot of noise and if that means going to a news station, and requesting help, do it. They hate BAD PRESS.

Hi Stephen,
My package was send via UPS to Brussels - Belgium . I contacted several times UPS but they do not answer or they give a meaningless response that does not helped me further ( like package is delayed due to Covid , another time it is because of the Brexit , then they said it was maybe ‘lost in transit’ whatever that means ) In other words there are people stealing at those companies ? Because a package containing a printer like the Snapmaker is not so small so it can not be found back ?
So far I also contacted a local consumer organization , but they have to many other complaints to handle and it seems to me this is a small case for them , not worth to spend lot of time …
Luckily I paid via Paypal , so I claimed my money back due to not delivered package. I got a mail now from them they will give me my money back …
But I still do not know what happened with the undelivered package . And how does Snapmaker respond to that ? Honestly their customer service was not very helpful up to now too . I hoped they would also put any reaction to this issue …
So, my conclusion is : For now here stops my Snapmaker adventure . I will wait until the printer is available in our local shops here in Europe.

Thanks however for replying to my message !
with regards,

Do not give up. I am familiar with UPS and its inner workings. Make sure all documentation is in hand. Theft of course is not out of the question and they take a very dim view of theft. I work in physical security and have seen my share of the behavior. (I would use certain wording, but the forum would catch fire and explode.)

Send information to the following email:

Date it was shipped, where it was when it was “lost” and where the package is reported to be in the tracking app. If in Europe, I would frankly wring the neck of the security manager and sack them for incompetence, if it was stolen.

Address of Europe UPS is:
UPS Europe
Avenue Ariane 5
1200 Brussels, Belgium Europe

(Oh look right in your backyard).

US Address of UPS HQ in Atlanta. Oh, look, in my backyard too.

UPS World Headquarters
55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States

CEO of UPS is Carol Tomé

So give it another shot, and if you like send a PM with UPS Tracking Number and I will reach out to my security contacts at UPS to see if they can do some investigations on the shipment.

My 2.0 350 was originally shipped ups. The replacement that was sent is arriving today from USPS. The tracking number for the first unit from UPS still says “in transit to UPS”. Label scans were “Origin scan” then “Shipper created label, UPS has not received the package yet”.

The label probably got damaged after it was picked up at the Amazon warehouse and was untraceable after that. Amazon said it was loaded on a UPS package pick up vehicle, was never seen again lol. Probably got sent back to sender at that point. If it does eventually show up I’m going to call Snapmaker and pay for it as it got a replacement sent out so I can keep it and have two.

Hello All
I’m reopening this ticket as new comer in snapmaker world.
I ordered my 2.0 350 end of december and I just received rotary module and nothing else.
I have no news from Snapmaker services; don’t know where the parcel is ?
How long did he take for you in average ?

thank you

Ordered on 16.12.

Sent on 21. and still in China… yes, this is really poor for the estimated 3-5 delivery days, but it is not urgent for me to get it.

Thank you for your answer. I just get an answer from snapmaker.
They were infected by Covid and now it’s inventory period :(.
Parcel not sent yet.

My parcel is now arrived. No E-Mails for that, tracking is still stuck in china. Parcel just stands in front of the door yesterday :v:

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