Still haven't received my snapmaker 2.0

I Still haven’t received my snapmaker 2.0 from the nov. purchase should I cancel the credit card order?
Can anyone please assist?
Im in the USA. Thank you

If you did a “purchase” then you won’t get it until they fulfill the Kickstarter pledges.
Didn’t they give you an estimated delivery date? Did you purchase from Snapmaker or some other outlet?

No I did it direct online I thought it was going to be in late January but they keep holding off im getting worried and BTW thank you for replying

this was back on nov. 28th
Hi Phillip, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent. If you need to modify the shipping address of your order, please send an email to to confirm that your order has not been shipped.

Lots of delays. Did you reply to that email?

Yes, to the last one about a month ago and sent 2 more since inquiring but nothing yet, It shouldn’t be this long, did you get yours?

Yes, I got mine in January, but I ordered it the first seconds that the Kickstarter opened up last spring.
Current orders say that delivery is in September.
This is a popular machine. It was the biggest Tech Kickstarter project ever.
Here you can read the latest status on the Kickstarter:

Hi, here is the latest delivery schedule for pre-order users. We are closely watching the situation of COVID-19 around the world to update the delivery schedule as early as possible.

this does help allot thank you

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I ordered mine early March. So down on batch 7. Is September still the planned date for this batch?


I ordered mine in the beginning of April. Same question here. (would like to fast-forward to September :innocent:)

He he yup :smiley: that would be better

September is still the planned date. But with things that are going on currently around the globe, it is hard to say for sure months in advance. Please understand that and we will provide timely updates regarding your shipment.

Thank you very much. I will still try to fix my time machine to fetch my snapmaker from september :thinking:

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