Long wait times for shipment

Hi there,

I had ordered the 2.0 A250 just over a week ago but the company has yet to ship the item. I am in Canada and had used PayPal to order this.

Has anyone else experienced this

If you ordered directly from Snapmaker (snapmaker.com) proper, well, they’re in China, and not always the fastest or most organized company. They may simply be backed up. Wait a few more days, then contact support if you still haven’t heard anything to see if they can shed any light on what’s going on.

If you ordered from RobotShop (robotshop.com), who are Snapmaker’s official resale outlet here in Canada, then yes, go ahead and contact RobotShop now.

I ordered direct from Snapmaker on Nov 8 and my unit shipped yesterday, Nov 15. It says it will take a week to arrive. I am also in Canada.

I‘m waiting since September (deliver in Europe)…

They did same with my order. Happy to see I’m getting something was a bit worried that I lost the money.