Snapmaker 2.0 Modular Ecosystem

The modular system idea goes all the way back to Snapmaker V1.0 where the intent was to be able to change the configuration of the Snapmaker using additional rails. For V1.0 while it was promised and discussed it never materialized except for a larger linear rail to be used for the Y axis to create a taller print volume. This was carried through to the V2.0 with the mention of things like a rotary module, multi material module and air filter and XL CNC but there is very few details about these, the lack of interoperability with the Snapmaker V2.0 and V1.0 heads for print/laser/CNC was disappointing for me and I’m sure many others in the community as it hints at the Snapmaker being “modular” in an Apple sense of the word.

As we near the end of the dispatch of the kickstarter backed items I was wondering when further details will be forthcoming on the modular ecosystem of the Snapmaker 2.0 and specifically the already mentioned modules (below) and ideally any plans for other new modules that might be on the cards

  • Rotary module
  • Hi Laser
  • XL CNC
  • Multi material module
  • Air filter
  • Use of rails from the enclosure or other rails/components that can be purchased separately.

Updates on some details I have received:

The rails that are mentioned in the Snapmaker published material on this topic up until this point are not rails at all. They are simply standard aluminum extrusions or profiles and not linear rails which I felt is a bit misleading. Further details on the enclosure including a manual and photos can be found in the thread below:

There seems to be some progress on using modules/heads from the Snapmaker 1 with the Snapmaker 2 system:

> For users who want to purchase a bigger machine, Snapmaker 2 Standard or Plus, while reusing the original 3D printing/laser/CNC module, it is possible! We can design a specific adapter for them so that they can connect the original head module onto Snapmaker 2. They will have the option to buy the complete kit of Snapmaker 2 or the kit that without three heads. But it is most likely that other modules in the Snapmaker 1 won’t be interchangeable with those in Snapmaker 2.

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We have also recently made our roadmap public so that you know what we are working on. You can upvote cards on the roadmap you are interested in. Here is the link to the roadmap.