Snapmaker Add-Ons

So I looked around and looked at the public road map but didn’t really see anything so i will ask here. Hopefully someone from snapmaker will be able to comment. Back in the kickstarter there were a bunch of add-ons talked about. Some have been launched but two that were mentioned but haven’t been talked about are the camera, and handwheel. These were among the add-ons ready for preorder soon. but to date nothing … are these still on the roadmap? Will the roadmap be published again and if so when?

Apparently, that was a promise…

I don’t think they were ever said to be ready at any specific point, let alone soon.
Pretty much all the add-ons that were on the road map have now been released.
The only one that’s definitely coming is the dual extruder which is supposed to be by end of year.
They did away with the Trello roadmap. Now FB and their blog ( is where any announcements now seem to appear. They mention ‘new machines’ but no details. Possibly just variants what add-ons or modules they come with, but that’s just pure speculation.

They are on tiktok now thank goodness!


This is a direct copy and paste from the kickstarter page for Snapmaker 2.0

“As an innovative Snapmaker owner, you can further enhance your creativity with a wide variety of add-ons to personalize your Snapmaker 2.0. For greater level of applications, we’ll have Enclosures, Lights, a Handwheel, an Emergency Stop Button and a Camera available for preorder soon!”

this can be found under the heading ADD-ONS on

I stand corrected. With everything else they’ve been very careful with their wording to avoid making any actual promises.

I guess it depends on your definition of ‘soon’


I mean, of that list only the handwheel isn’t available. As long as you include the camera on the laser module and the light with the enclosure lol

@GSchneider …well I asked myself the same question. Only the other way around :wink: Future product upgrades - #4 by jork

I am not so long in the Snap community and had wondered what these add-ons on page 5 (front page counted) of the Quick Start Guide Snapmaker 2.0 A350/A350T V1.4.1.probably are.

Very interesting.

What about all the ‘modularity’ promises? Different length rails? Yeah, a bit of markety hype…

Still my A250 has been a good horse for a while, and with the 10W laser add-on now in use and the (minor) 'updated 3d print head and faster rails held in backup, should I hope keep going for quite some time.

(I was originally really interested in the rotary but when it came out I was disenchanted by the limitations and design choices made, for the cost.)