SnapMaker 2.0 Enclosure

Hey there! I’m looking to build an enclosure for my pre-ordered SM2 machine. I have found documentation regarding some of the dimensions as far as build plate, however nothing for the entirety of the machine. I have ordered the 350 version.

If any of the early backers would be kind enough to put a tape measure to the extents of the machine, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I posted this on the Facebook page a few days ago

For those of you who have asked about the dimensions of the A350, here we go

Base plate is 46cm wide and a depth of 50cm
Height from benchtop to the Snapmaker top is 52cm, add another 15cm for the filament spool
Add 10cm to the right side for cables running into the controller, tight cable management can reduce that.
Add 13cm to the front and the rear for the baseplate travel

The Power Unit
16cm wide, 29cm deep and 5cm height
Note the power cable/plug extends out the back about 7cm

I hope that helps



So glad to see that you mentioned the baseplate travel, so many people forget about that.

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I have modeled an enclosure in Inventor using your dimensions, yet it seems as though it is more of a rectangle than a square (which is what the base of the SnapMaker A350 looks like in all videos/images regarding it.) Can you confirm that the ultimate profile of the machine (adding a few inches for materials) is 33.5in x 24.5in?

Could we get an “official” listing of the enclosure dimensions? I am looking to build/buy a new workbench while we are stuck at home (need it as an office surface also) and figured I would future proof it to be for my A350…

But I have not found any real listing of what the enclosure size will be. While the estimates (like above) are nice… I really need the actual size (if it is available yet).

Here, out from email updates:
Overall Features:

  • Laser filtering
  • Noise reduction
  • Smell/fumes reduction
  • Dustproof
  • Creates a safe and stable environment
  • Avoids warping and/or shrinkage of ABS when printing
  • Keeps your kids or pets away from potential hazards
  • LED Strips, Exhaust Fan, and Exhaust Duct are included

Estimated Dimensions & Weight:

A350 (L x W x H): 625mm x 820mm x 602mm; 20kg

A250 (L x W x H): 531mm x 624mm x 507mm; 15kg

A150 (L x W x H): 398mm x 423mm x 407mm; 10kg


Must have missed that email somehow! Thanks! Now I know what to be looking for.
For us weird people in the USA still using Imperial measurements…
A350 (L x W x H): 24.6" x 33.3" x 23.7"; 44lbs
A250 (L x W x H): 20.9" x 24.6" x 20"; 33lbs
A150 (L x W x H): 15.7" x 16.7" x 16"; 22lbs

Although looking at my A350, I think these would more likely be described as W x D x H unless it fits in the enclosure side on (which the pictures do not show)…

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Yes we will switch to the description of width, depth and height for the enclosure soon. Here is the new size description of the enclosures in metric:

A350 (W x D x H): 625mm x 820mm x 602mm; 20kg

A250 (W x D x H): 531mm x 624mm x 507mm; 15kg

A150 (W x D x H): 398mm x 423mm x 407mm; 10kg


Hi Folks, I was wondering if there are further details on the Snapmaker 2.0 Enclosure and specifically how the rails used in the enclosure can be used in the modular system and this was one of the main reasons I ordered it.

I noticed in the posts from the prototype that the door folded over with the a gap for the touchscreen and finger hole for opening the door. Has an alternative design been explored as this is going to make it impossible to form a good seal with the doors and maximize noise reduction and fume/dust containment.

I realize your never going to get a fully air-tight seal but from the photos of the prototypes and the obvious issue with a hole in the door it seems there is potential to add weather stripping in the channels of the rails the doors are closing on to in an attempt to try to maximize containment of noise/dust.

For fume extraction will there be control of an exhaust fan via Luban/Touchscreen?

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Hi David, could you clarify your first question? What do you mean by modular?

There are films (pads) in the gaps between the enclosure and the side panels. I can confirm that the enclosure itself has a good seal overall but there will be a hole for using the touchscreen. You can, however, DIY to block the whole completely but that would sacrifice some convenience as you can access the touchscreen without opening the side panels.

Luban will have controls for the exhaust fan and the light strips (coming soon).

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Hi JK,

Many thanks for the swift reply and the details provided. As for clarification sure no problem, so the modular system idea goes all the way back to Snapmaker V1.0 where the intent was to be able to change the configuration of the Snapmaker using additional rails. For V1.0 while it was promised and discussed it never materialized except for a larger linear rail to be used for the Y axis to create a taller print volume. This was carried through to the V2.0 with the mention of things like a rotary module, multi material module and air filter and XL CNC but there is very few details about these, the lack of interoperability with the Snapmaker V2.0 and V1.0 heads for print/laser/CNC was disappointing for me and Im sure many others in the community as it hints at the Snapmaker being “modular” in an Apple sense of the word.

With regard to the question of the Snapmaker 2.0 enclosure this comes from the most recent blog post where is states (in bold in the blog post) “All the rails used in the enclosures are part of the Snapmaker 2.0 modular system.” From the photos on that post sides the doors are based on appear to have simple aluminum extrusions and not rails. How are these going to be used in the Snapmaker 2.0 modular system as there is no details on what the components are and how they can be used.

From the photos on the blog post I think I can make out the pads you mentioned but Im not sure if these are strips or single pads. Is there any chance to get higher quality photos uploaded here and perhaps a blog post on the enclosure out soon?

I accept that there is the possibility to DIY a solution this is a community for makers after all but if I am being honest having to DIY around this would be disappointing as this is not exactly a budget item and so I would question why this as a problem/issue exists in the first place. I understand that the aim here was for convenience but for me in this scenario function trumps form here as the primary purpose of the enclosure (for me at least) was to function as a contained space to maximize the containment of noise, fumes and dust.

A straight forward and possible solution for the issue of having a hole in one of the panels for accessibility for the touchscreen is to simply provide another panel without a hole in it that I can use it in its place and a coupler/extender for connecting a standard USB C cable to the screens existing cable so I can route the cabling and place the Touchscreen where is most convenient for me. As not all USB C cables are created equal I would prefer Snapmaker to provide them as a known good part that will work with the touchscreen and the controller unit. I have no problem paying for this as an add-on by the way.

If the design of the enclosure has not been finalized I would strongly encourage Snapmaker to take this opportunity to engage with the community to provide feedback in an effort to avoid cancelled orders or worse disappointment when the enclosure is delivered.

Two tangential issues that are related to comments in the Snapmaker 2.0 Kickstarter project, the issue of containment of laser light and fumes was raised in a question by Mark Wilson. Snapmakers response was that an

Can I ask if this OD testing has been performed and if an OD rating has been given. Also can you clarify what ‘protective gear’ you mean - is this just goggles or does this mean a respirator for the fumes too?

In a other comments from Snapmaker (Kai Chen) it seems that the air filter will only be available after all Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. Will this be available as an add-on when the pre-ordered enclosures are being fulfilled/shipped?



Hi Dave, thank you for the detailed explaination. I read through it and please let me know if I missed any points you made.

To your first point, we are currently developing addons, the ones you mentioned (including the air filter), for the Snapmaker 2.0. We are going to release more info on that later. I am not even sure if I could tell you this right now because we don’t want to hype people up for nothing. But please trust me the addons are coming. Sorry for the lack of details for now but there will be more information about the addons in a couple of months. We are also planning on developing an adapter for the controller so that the modules for the Snapmaker Original could be used on the Snapmaker 2.0, but that adapter would come later than the addons.

To your second question, the rails of the enclosure are modular in the sense that there is a slot where you could easly install t-nuts, and you could do many things with such configuration, for example installing wheels on the enclosure. The rails are also the same type as the ones used in other addons. The lengths and the positions of the screw holes are different but they are made of the same material.

And yes I can post high quality photos of the enclosure. Let me figure out the best way to present and I will get back to you.

The design of the enclosure has been indeed finalized and we are in the process of shipping out the first batch of the enclosure. However, I will forward your suggestion to our team and will get back to you with their feedback :slight_smile:. The USB C cable is really just a regular USB C cable, and our software engineer has been using an extension cable for his touch screen without issues. You shouldn’t have any problems using an extension cable for the USB C cable, but if you do, please contact our support.

We have not yet done the OD testing , but we will do it eventually. I was talking about just goggles. I am Kai by the way :slight_smile:!

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I am now very curious what the enclosure for the SM2 (A250 in my case) in detail will look like. I expect to receive it in a month. Are more details already known? Where and how is the filament spool attached? Where and how do I place the controller. and so on…

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Hi, here is the link to the user manual for the new enclosure.

i´m looking forward to my enclosure too, but until now i don´t know when i’ll get it.
At the latest update #18 i was told, actually there will be no more schedules…
For me a rough time line is enough and i also understand at the actual situation it’s difficult and changes within a few days - but for me no information is not the best way

Thank you very much now we can prepare.

Hi Team,

can you tell me the DIN or ISO rule for the M4 × 12 Hex Socket Round Head Screw?
I can’t find it.

Hi Team,

can you also tell me the Color Temperature of the LEDs in the enclosure?

Want to add some more LEDs, and don’t want different colors.

What’s the thickness of the acrylic?


Just measured it. It is 2.54mm (0.1") thick